The End of Karma

40 Days to Perfect Peace, Tranquility, and Joy

The End of Karma

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What is dharma? When in the utmost disgrace, you are still the grace; in the utmost provocation, your are still very cool, calm, quiet, peaceful; and in the utmost insanity you are very, very sane. That is dharma. - Yogi Bhajan

What is karma and how can you possibly end it?

Is your soul seeking light in the midst of a dark and intense world? Are you still stuck in the same negative job, painful relationship, or emotional rut? Would you like to live a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life? If the answer is "yes," then The End of Karma is for you!

As Dr. Dharma explains, "Rather than a debt owed from a past life, karma is what's happening right here, right now. Karma is both action and the consequence of that action; it is cause and effect all in one go." Moreover, according to Dr. Dharma, your best self is to live your dharma, which means that your ultimate destiny is to always remember that God and you, you and God are one. Doing this will help you end your karma and experience peace and oneness.

Based on ancient yogic principles as well as modern medical science, the philosophy, meditations, and affirmations in The End of Karma are refreshingly dogma-free. Helping you develop self-knowledge and intuition, this interactive book shifts your focus, attraction, and intention toward your best and highest self. Begin to live your dharma and end your karma today.

"I'm enjoying The End of Karma and the meditations very, very much! Thank you."
- Sandra C, Wisconsin

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