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An essential guide to spiritual bliss

You can discover your true identity and purpose in life - and find Heaven on Earth - by learning to live in harmony with what I call the New Golden Rules. By allowing them to unfold in your life, I predict that you'll find a deeper happiness than you've ever known or imagined, and you'll discover how to live in tune with your highest spiritual nature...and embracing this peace will help bring greater harmony to the world.

"The New Golden Rules is perfect for anyone ready to take the next step in their spiritual growth toward inner peace and joy."
- Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

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The New Golden Rules
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"The New Golden Rules is filled with wonderful messages of healing love and light. Dr. Dharma has and engaging and uplifting style of teaching about the important connection between spirituality and our health. He speaks from the voice of love and experience. I find the book to be very heart-opening."

- Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Author of Angel Medicine and Healing with the Angels

The New Golden Rules is a book that will help anyone who has reached a crossroads in their spiritual growth and development. You may have explored the beginning stages of transformation and realize that it's now time to move on to reach higher levels of spiritual maturity in your life. The ideas presented in The New Golden Rules will help you tremendously in taking the next step in your transition to living a deeper, richer, and more meaningful life.

The New Golden RulesIn our journey through the process of spiritual development, we encounter and transform the pain of the past, until finally we emerge from the tunnel of darkness to discover the bright light of God's love for us, and acknowledge all the blessing that we have deep within our souls.

We've all been evolving for many years and because of our joint evolution, we have a common ground: the spiritual spark within each of us that's there from the beginning of our lives until the moment that we take our last breath. To realize sacred joy in your life now, you must learn to light that fire of the Divine within yourself - and you'll discover how to do that in this book.

The New Golden Rules outlines four basic steps to help you move to the next level of living a spiritual lifestyle, realizing bliss, and living Heaven on Earth. The main principle of living Heaven on Earth is that life is a joy and should be lived as such. This bliss is achieved through the practice of meditation and by following certain actions. Rather than living with the hope of finding happiness after death, you achieve it while you're still very much alive. That is, the hope of discovering something vague later is replaced by the experience of inner peace in the here-and-now, and in this way, you become fulfilled.

Heaven on Earth is that condition of living where you feel love all around you and see God in all people and things. I hope that you'll assimilate all these ideas and distill from them what's most useful for your own journey.

The New Golden Rules

  • New Golden Rule #1: Discover Your Miracle
  • New Golden Rule #2: Listen and Agree
  • New Golden Rule #3: Dissolve Your Blocks
  • New Golden Rule #4: See the Other Person As Yourself

"I have to admit that when I first saw your photo with your turban I was a little bit disappointed. I thought that you were just a poser following the trend of the exotic. But after reading The New Golden Rules, and finding out that you have dedicated your life to the service of others, I feel like a fool for misjudging you. I had a wonderful time reading your book and enjoy listening to you on the radio. Your committment to humanity helps me commit to better myself. You inspire me."
- Veronica W, Bay Area

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