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Bliss – Love is in You

Bliss – Love is in You

$ 20.00

This album is dedicated to the memory of our spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, as well as to that of John Lennon and George Harrison.

The Blues originated on the Mississippi delta and traveled up to Chicago, where it found a home. Jazz, of course, got its start in New Orleans and ended up in cool New York City, where it flourished. Bliss, is a different case. Bliss got its beginning in the heart and mind of God, where it still resides today.

The idea behind Bliss' music is to inspire, entertain, and enlighten the audience with it. It is pop rock with nice melodies and spiritual words.

Dr. Dharma has been a musician for much of his life. He grew up playing the French Horn, but gave it up in college when he decided to become a doctor.

Master L has been playing music since the sixth grade. He plays seven instruments and has written hundreds of songs. He is also a legend in certain spiritual circles and has been a yogi for over three decades. Master L says "I guess what we're trying to do with our music is just help folks feel good and raise a little energy and consciousness."

To best enjoy this CD, crank up the volume and sing along. Play it while driving your car or working around the house. You'll feel great. It's rock and roll for your soul.

    "Thank you soo much for making the Bliss CD. Love it, keeps me UP and centered. I listen to it on my way to work and by the time I arrive at work I'm in a good space."
    - Donna D., Tucson, AZ

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