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Brain Longevity Seminar


How To Improve Your Memory As You Age

And Not Get The Dreaded Alzheimer’s

Discover how to be smarter, happier, and thinner now.


By the time you finish reading the above headline, you or someone you love could have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Yes, you read correctly! Recent research reveals that every 60 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with this memory robbing, life-destroying, and incurable disease.

And just about everyone believes that losing their brain power with age is inevitable. That’s why Alzheimer’s is the # 1 concern of aging baby-boomers.

  Don’t Let It Happen To You!!  

Hello, I’m Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, author of the International Best-Seller Brain Longevity and creator of the popular newsletter, The Healing Minute. For close to two decades, I’ve lead the charge toward the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. I am now recognized as the leading voice for the holistic or integrative medical approach to the stopping memory loss and improving your brain power as you age.

A must for everyone interested in defending themselves against age-related loss of memory and other mental functions.”
Andrew Weil, M.D.

In my extensive clinical work and in my published medical research, I have shown many times over that losing your memory doesn’t have to happen.

There are easy proven steps that you can take - starting right now - to maintain your brain, create a life time of peak mental performance, and enjoy tremendous well-being.

Yes, I’m here to tell you that:

  1. You can improve your brain power with age.
  2. You can reduce the stress in your life and learn how to handle difficult situations without it killing your memory.
  3. You can be happier and more productive with each passing year instead of the other way around.
  4. You can enjoy a better mood and live with less anxiety and tension even in these most challenging times.
  5. You can put an end to depression.
  6. You can have a better life.

And All Of This Can Be Done Without Taking Expensive, Side-Effect Laden, and Ineffective Drugs.

It’s been said that 10% of all people living to 65 will get Alzheimer’s. And, if you live to 85, which many people are doing these days, there is a 50% chance you’ll die without your brain.

Yet it’s also a proven medical fact that if we can delay the onset of memory loss by 5 years, we can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s by 50%.

And if you can keep your memory strong and vital 10 years longer than expected, you can forget about ever getting Alzheimer’s.

Based on my 35 years of medical practice and 15 years of advanced clinical work and high level research in the field of Brain Longevity, I’m here to tell you that the definite reality is that you don’t have to lose your mind in your golden years.

Moreover, you can easily improve your brain and actually make it many years younger by following the program I’m here to share with you.

  How Not To Become An Alzheimer’s Statistic.  

Now on my new live DVD and CD recorded program, you can discover all my secrets to putting an end to the fear of losing your mind and memory.

DR. DHARMA PRESENTS: THE BRAIN LONGEVITY SEMINAR DVD and CD, including the breakthrough mind body medical treatment for preventing and reversing memory loss.



Brain Longevity Seminar DVDs Small
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I loved learning how stress kills brain cells AND blocks Thyroid & hormone production.” Angela W, Charlotte, NC

Yes, it’s here:

I have some exciting news to share with you. I have just released an incredible 3 DVD program with 4 hours of never before revealed secrets from my exclusive Brain Longevity Seminar.

This seminar was held in Tucson and attended by a sell-out SRO crowd that spent over $2,000 to attend.

In a minute I’ll share more, but here is what a few of the attendees had to say about their experience:

I found this seminar to be positive – enlightening & challenging.”
C. F., Santa Monica, CA
"Fantastic! I learned so much. This is my 2nd seminar with Dr. Dharma. Great to reinforce some ideas and implant new ones! Thank you – I am in the light!!" J.L. Omaha, NE


Order Now And Increase your Memory, Mental clarity, and Brain Function

Brain Longevity Seminar DVDs Small
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It was wonderful – I am so happy I came!
Mary O, Santa Barbara, CA

  You’ll Be Smarter, Happier and Thinner!  

Take this opportunity to own Dr. Dharma Presents: The Brain Longevity Seminar DVDs and CDs.

On these 3 DVDs and 4 CDs, I guide you on a wonderful brain-health journey of self-discovery to help you stay at the lowest possible risk for losing your memory.

During the 4 hour program, I’ll reveal a preventive approach for optimal brain fitness.

But what’s more, on Disc 1 I’ll also share my advanced medical knowledge on how a person with memory loss, even Alzheimer’s, may be able to slow it down and perhaps reverse it.

I’ll also teach you the most established ways to gain fast benefits, as well as how to obtain long term results like a steal trap memory so you no longer forget names, numbers, and faces.

You may never forget anything ever again.

You’ll also discover what foods to eat to put out the fire of brain inflammation, a proven cause of memory decline.

What’s more, you’ll also learn which supplements to take to improve your attention, concentration, and focus, and how to build up sagging levels of critically important brain and memory chemicals. That’s vitally important, because without these chemicals you can’t form new memories or recall old ones.

It was all I expected for and more. I have many of the books and supplements and don’t practice what I know – the bane of my existence.” Jack W, Kansas City, KS

On Disc 2, I’ll also share a few secrets that you won’t find anywhere else on making your brain work faster and better so you don’t ever have to feel embarrassed by a senior moment again. Why? Because no one else knows them except me, as I’m the one who has done all this groundbreaking research. Now I want to share them with you.

Plus you’ll learn about the bullies that want to destroy your brain and how you can fight them off and win. Beyond that, I’ll impart cutting edge information on the discovery about reversing years of toxic exposure with one supplement.

I’ll show you how to stop ongoing brain damage and best of all, how to undo it. I’ll reveal simple ways to fix your brain wiring so you can dramatically improve your memory.

My experience at this seminar has been truly blessed. I have been given tools to heal myself and others.
Janet B, Birmingham, AL

Then on Disc 3, I’ll take you by the hand and make it incredibly easy for you to form the basis of your own customized brain longevity program.

Dr. Dharma’s enthusiasm is great. The seminar was very worthwhile, thank you!” Albert G, New York, NY

  What This Means For You  

What you’ll gain from watching these DVDs - and listening to the CDs - is an understanding of a whole new definition of healthy brain aging. You’ll have better recall, more mental energy, better sleep, and enhanced libido.

And that’s not all. By following the program I present on these DVDs, you’ll be happier, have a stronger immune system, and even lose weight.

Yes, I will give you the tools so you will quickly become smarter, happier and thinner.

The seminar met my needs – stimulating, rewarding and motivational. It’s about the quality of life, which is the key for my age.” Karen W, Atlanta, GA

Most people don’t know about the innovative ideas and others only know a little bit about what to do to save their brain. And some other unfortunate people don’t know how to apply the knowledge they do have.

But all of that stops right here and now when you watch my seminar on DVD, it’s just like I’m there with you as your personal mentor, coach and guide. I promise you that when you work my program you will be successful.

I liked it a lot, lot more than I thought I would.”
Mike G, Knoxville, TN

Get ready:

  • To Remember the names of people you meet or haven’t seen in a while with ease. 
  • To Find your car keys, glasses, and other objects without wasting hours of frustrating search.
  • To Keep your conversations on track. 
  • To Learn new information and recall your memories with ease.

Had great moments and great support for the path.”
Pamela R, Bakersfield, CA

Here is how it works:

On Disc 1 you’ll discover:

  • If you are at risk for memory loss.
  • How to preserve optimal brain health with age.
  • How a healthy brain acts and the exciting research that proves that growing new brain cells is possible.

(This is a breathtaking breakthrough in modern medicine that very few people know about. You’ll know more than most doctors.)

  • How early life stress and of adverse childhood experiences can cause Alzheimer’s and shorten your life if you don’t follow the secret revealed here.
  • Discover how the 4 proven Pillars of Brain Longevity will work for you. Do you know what they are? You’ll find out here.
  • The right foods to eat for optimal brain health.
  • The best anti-aging and memory enhancement supplements. Is ginkgo good for you? Does it work? What else is effective without the dangerous side-effects that drugs have?
  • Which supplements reduce the inflammation that can lead to Alzheimer’s?

The seminar really opened my eyes to the need for prevention measures for a multitude of age related problems. The yoga and meditation were really beneficial.” Tom L, Santa Fe, NM

Here’s what I’ll reveal on Disc 2:

  • Should you be worried about Mild Memory Loss?
  • Proven steps you can take to be smarter regardless of your age or stage of life.
  • How your stress is killing your brain and how you can master stress today.
  • You’ll follow along with me as I share my unique research studies on meditation and improved brain function.
  • I will guide you on the basics of how to do beginning meditation and explain how doing just one little thing will dramatically extend your life.
  • You’ll also discover how to be smarter and happier in only 12 minutes a day.
  • You will do the easy Kirtan Kriya meditation and directly experience its power to maximize your brain function, improve your mood, enhance your sleep, and have you feeling younger and smarter again in no time at all.

I love Dr. Dharma’s humor and expertise. I feel that it motivated me to be more consistent again with my meditation practice.
S.A, Phoenix, AZ,

On Disc 3 you’ll discover:

Disc 3 is awesome because you’ll learn how to create your own personal Brain Longevity Program as you review and reinforce what you have learned on Disc 1 and 2:

  • You’ll incorporate the power of intention.
  • You will become clear on your desires and goals.
  • You’ll learn how to improve your sleep.
  • You’ll be shown the right physical exercise for your brain.
  • You’ll discover the best “brain training” mental exercises. Are you a crossword puzzle person or should you do video games?
  • You’ll realize the importance of finding your true purpose in life.
  • You’ll appreciate anew what love, spirit, and peace of mind can do for your life.

Really enjoyed the weekend – thank you. Would recommend this weekend to anyone; Dr. Dharma’s a superb speaker with many excellent lectures.” Camilla W, San Diego, CA

Follow this program and you’ll not only live longer, you’ll live better, too. You’ll have a clear mind and enjoy a much higher quality of life. The time is absolutely right for you to discover this program. Indeed, you need it now more than ever.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer it to you today.

"I enjoyed the seminar. It increased my knowledge of the elements of brain/memory longevity and the need to establish a regular program of exercise/cognitive exercise/mind-body nutrition/meditation practice." Diane D, Chicago, IL


Brain Longevity Seminar DVDs Small
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Well worth the time and cost.” Sylvia A, Boise, ID

  Seminar Attendees Paid Thousands  

The exclusive group of brain longevity enthusiasts invested over two thousand dollars to attend this breakthrough medical program on keeping your mind alive forever.

But that’s not what you’ll pay. And what’s more, you’ll claim many extras when you order this extensive life-changing seminar DVD and CD program today.

Pacing of the seminar was excellent; didn’t feel exhausted & overwhelmed with information as I often do at seminars.”
George S, Seattle, WA


Wonderful & invaluable life strategy.” Louis V, Houston, TX

Check Box Yes, Dr Dharma. I want to discover how to improve my memory for years to come. I want to feel what it was like to be there in person with you as you share your life time of expertise and experience in brain longevity.

I especially want to gain the great gift of meditating with you and I understand it is just like being there in person with you and all the people at the conference.

Thank you for all of the work regarding brain and also to make this symposium possible.” Carol B, Las Vegas, NV

The Memory Gift  

Give yourself the gift of optimal brain power and lasting memories. This 3 DVD set contains 4 hours of Dr. Dharma live presenting this dynamic, leading-edge program.


    Brain Longevity Seminar

    Order Now
    Value Priced at $49.95


    I would do it again with no hesitation.” Micky G, Reno, NV

    I am thrilled to learn that we can actually change our brains – seeing the connection between the research to Kirtan Kriya.”
    Sue J, Minneapolis, MN

    Best of Blessings,

    Dr. Dharma

    P.S. This seminar is a one of a kind opportunity to discover all the latest proven, memory-saving information and practical advice to stop and even reverse brain aging and memory loss. It contains everything you need to know to be smarter and happier in no time at all.


    Enjoyed it very much. Very hopeful & inspiring.”
    Dennis S, Green Bay, WI

    Brain Longevity Seminar

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