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Sleepy Time Nice DVD & Manual

Sleepy Time Nice DVD & Manual

Normal Price: $29.95
Your Price: $ 29.95

A New Program for Blissful Sleep

Yes! Now you can sleep well...just like a baby without dangerous sleeping pills and drugs.

This remarkable program contains a booklet that shares everything you need to now about the secrets of sleep and a clinically proven DVD with a special mind/body exercise for sleep and a meditation to help you deeply relax.

  • Really enjoy life, again.
  • Look younger and feel better fast.
  • Enter another dimension of health, happiness, and spirit.
  • Learn what to eat and what not to eat or drink when you can’t sleep.
  • See the brightness of your surroundings instead of feeling dull and out of it.
  • Feel connected to your best self by practicing this easy set of breathing exercises.
  • Improve your memory and remember long forgotten facts, figures, and numbers when you sleep better.
  • Eliminate the dependency on dangerous mind-altering sleeping pills, which are proven to mess you up.
  • Discover the latest scientifically proven instructions on self- massage using ancient acupressure points so you can fall asleep effortlessly and find that sweet spot of your dreams.

This amazing, easy-to-do mind/body relaxation exercise DVD and e-book manual will absolutely help you to sleep through the night again.

60% of Americans have insomnia. Never worry about getting a good night’s sleep again.

If stress and sleep are an issue you need this program.

Falling asleep at night will be as easy as breathing.


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