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Wake Up to Wellness DVD

Wake Up to Wellness DVD

Normal Price: $19.95
Your Price: $ 19.95


You’re Only as Young as Your Brain

Boost Your Brain Power Now. Enhance Your Body, Mind, & Spirit with the Wake Up to Wellness DVD. It’s One of a Kind of Wonderful.

Wake Up to Wellness is a dynamic brain power DVD guided by Dr. Dharma. Offered for the first time ever, this DVD will help you magnify your overall energy, and boost your mental clarity.

Morning exercise, relaxation, and meditation are the keys to developing the internal environment that sustains high level performance. Research demonstrates that the Wake Up to Wellness DVD will improve your productivity, attitude, and well-being. It will help you protect and deliver in all aspects of your life! Wake Up to Wellness DVD is most effective when practiced before breakfast on a regular basis.

"I purchased your book "Brain Longevity" back in 2001, and today, I received the Wake Up to Wellness DVD, which I must say, has been beautifully done. Thank you for finally putting this together! Accordingly, I am happy to report, that I am thrilled with the benefits experienced after my very first attempt at the exercises. It is incredibly energizing, harmonizing and relaxing - the effects remain throughout the day!"
- R.M.C.

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