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Supplement Testimonials

Brain Tabs

I am glad to be on the Brain Tabs continuity. Thanks for your follow up and for providing a wonderful product.
- T.S., Newhall, CA

I’m 52 and used to be very fuzzy headed. Since I started taking your LBT, LEC, LMC; I feel great and my memory works much better.  I’m quite pleased with it.

My mother has been taking your supplements, including the Brain Tabs, Gold Caps and Energy Caps, for the last few years. Her condition has been pretty stable in the past few years or at least worsening very slowly.  My family is very pleased with it.
- H.Z.

Thank you for all you do to keep us all healthy and especially in regards to Alzheimer’s and keep our brain healthy.
- L.H, CA

I decided to try Dr. Dharma's Brain Tabs once I entered a graduate program after a 5 year hiatus from academia. What an amazing change I experienced in only a few days of taking 2 pills a day!  Now I have been taking them for a month and am able to follow one train of thought to completion, where previously I would have many thoughts going on at once.  It feels so good to have improved brain functioning.  I am able to recall material, I feel sharper, and I actually remember people's names and other information I used to easily forget.  I am so thankful to Dr. Dharma and this product, I can't imagine living without them!
- Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa

The doctors here are not versed in holistic medicine and I am grateful to be able to give my mother the benefits of the Brain Longevity Supplements. Thank you!
- Carol H., Michigan

Thank you so much for what you do. Everyday I do your brain power meditation and take your brain tabs and find that I am mentally sharp each day for my work. Additionally, I recommended your products to several of my clients and they have gotten great results.
- Gary

Gold Caps

I've been purchasing your products for over a year. They're great, and I really benefit from the Gold Caps and Brain Tabs.
- Karin Z. 

I have been taking your Gold Caps for a while now and I love them for what I know and what I don't know about them. I just KNOW they make me feel healthy, happy and energetic.  Thank you for all that you do to teach, encourage, and support us about enlightened nutrition and meditation.
- R. Singh

I have been taking vitamins and herbs for forty years.  Your multivitamin/mineral Longevity Gold Caps make a profound difference in my energy level.  I am 74 and still practicing yoga.  Your Longevity Gold Caps give me steady pep.  They are the best multivitamin/mineral I have ever found.  Thank you, Dr. Dharma.
- Wendy McGill, Arcadia, CA.

I have seen an amazing improvement in my body work client since she started taking your Longevity Gold Caps. In her 60’s, very quickly she’s developed a real estate business!
- H.K., Houston, TX

Thank you for your Longevity Gold Caps! I am relieved that they are safe for people who have Diabetes 1 and are on insulin.
- Damar G.

Green Drink

Thank goodness for your Green Drink it was all I could eat when I was sick.
- Carolyn Engel

I love the green drink!  It’s so good that I threw away all the other types of green drinks that I had.
- l.M

I love the Longevity Green Drink.
- Linda L., Quebec, Canada

We are juicing each morning and adding your Longevity Green Drink to the mix daily. I am really feeling terrific.
- Carolyn S., Phoenix, AZ

I am using your Longevity Green Drink in the morning and love the taste!
- Linda W., NY

Super Longevity Caps

Since taking them, many people have remarked how well I look !   I feel great too.   Thank you so much.
- Valerie Luscombe

I love the Resveratrol I think it is making a difference already.  Hard for me to put into words.  Since I have been doing the 5th chakra meditation and the Resveratrol When people see me they say "wow you look great!"  I have heard that a lot lately. 
- Elaine C.

All Supplements

I have been using Dr. Dharma’s products for quite awhile and I absolutely love them and feel so grateful you provide them to us in cyber land!!
- Joanne C.

I’ve been enjoying your products-which are state of the art! They are fantastic.
Mark A., CA

Dr Dharma and Team!
I really want to thank you for the products you offer and the personal way you have these distributed to us. It’s been a couple months since I ordered and used your products. I did this as a test to myself to see the difference in my concentration, energy and memory levels. Let me just finish off by saying, "thank goodness my pilot program is over with!"
My father is in the latter stages of dementia now and experiencing this first hand determines me more not to end up like him. I firmly believe in what you teach and your the products you have so readily available for us. Thank you for the intelligence and wisdom you share with us - you'll never understand fully how happy it makes me to have found you! Sincerely,

- Karen

I have just tried your supplements and am impressed with the immediate change I felt in using them for 3 days! Thank you again for your time and contribution to us all. I hope to attend a class of your sin the near future.
- Jayne 

Dr. Dharma's supplements were a big help to me; supplying me the energy to complete Level One KY Teacher Training at the age of 56!
- Donna S., New York City

I love the products and use them twice a day.  They have made a big difference in my life.
- Norma M. CA

My father was diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s, early May this year.  He was unable to walk without a cane, falling often.  He then began to take your supplements.  When he met with his neurologist 3 months later, he passed all but the spelling words backwards.  He is no longer paranoid, has not fallen for weeks, his speech is no longer difficult, and he can drive a car again! My mother has a pacemaker and CHF; she could hardly drive, let alone get the groceries.  She began to take your supplements, and last week she out walked me, stating that she hasn’t felt this good in years! I cannot thank you enough.  Little did I know that when you autographed my book, that I would one day actually read it, resulting in rescuing my own father from such deep despair!  We are all grateful and send you our deep appreciation.
- S.M

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the Longevity line. My brother from England UK has been using this line for few years. Each time he buys it on my address and I forward them to him. He has now introduced complete line to me and after 1 month I have noticed a great difference in my everyday memory. The whole line of longevity is very easily digested.
- Dilbag J.,

I love your products. I am presently taking a calculus class and these products are helping me. God Bless.
- Damary P., New York, NY

I love your products, thank you for making them! I’m 88 years old and I feel I can think better when I take them.
- J.H., IL


Books, CDs, and DVDs Testimonials

Meditation of the Month Club

I love being part of your "Meditation of the Month Club". Your Meditations are so powerful and even though my life is already wonderful I do notice the positive effect they have on me and everyone around me. Life just keeps getting better and better. Reading your book "The End of Karma" inspired me to do Sadhana every day. It's amazing the energy you have the rest of the day. I also loooove your "Bliss" CD, it definitely puts me into Dharma Bliss with its high vibration. Thank you for the amazing work and commitment you have to improve people’s life and get them back to their connection. May all the love you send out return to you tenfold. With appreciation and love,
- K. L.  Vancouver, BC

Today I got up at 6:00 a.m. and did Guru Ram Das and then the Meditation to Heal Self and Others. It was very powerful to chant both of them. I can still feel the afterglow or whatever it's called that is still surrounding me as I sit here typing. Maybe it's the healing energy that is so much more powerful today. It's wonderful; I can feel it going through my body. Being pointed in this direction is just what I needed. Last night I played Guru Ram Das while I slept so I could get started on my healing. Well, make that additional healing. My husband and friends can tell how much healthier I am since I started your program last year. Also, my doctors comment about me looking so well. I have to admit, I know how much stronger and better I feel, also. Many thanks to Dr. Khalsa for having The Meditation of the Month Club last year and again this year.
- Carolyn E., CA

Thank you and bless you for your efforts in promoting meditation as a method of healing.
- Alan G; Manitoba, Canada

As a new member of the meditation club, I am enjoying each meditation very much. I must say the rejuvenation meditation is great and has helped me with inflammation. I am continuing to use it daily
- A.S., New Jersey

I became a member of the Meditation of the Month Club and have been doing all of the meditations most days and I have noticed incredible benefits. Can hardly wait to get up in the morning to do them again. Also thank you for your generous gifts I love your book “End of Karma” and read one chapter every morning after my meditation. Thank you again for your powerful meditations and all the wonderful work that you do.
- Katherine, Canada

Hi Dr. D! I just want to thank You for your tremendous work in helping other people becoming one with spirit, mind and body. I have three of your books, and I must say that all of them has helped me in the right direction. As I just now did one of your "Meditation As Medicine" - meditations I felt better than in a long time. Thank You for your work! Sat Nam.
– Chris Carlson

Before, I considered meditation a positive practice in anyone's life, health, and wellbeing but after reading your book, I didn't realize how effective it was in the treatment of disease. The scientific perspective combined with holistic interpretation and case studies gave me an excellent insight into how I can utilize these techniques with my clients. Thank you for "shedding some light" on true meditation and inspiring me to deepen my treatment experience. Kind regards,
- Dr. Ulyana M.

I am an original member of the Meditation of the Month Club and absolutely love everything I have received so far.
- Glennie

I joined your meditation of the month club and I also downloaded your meditation out of the archives on Hay house. I received your material one week ago today. I started the breathing for healing Monday morning and the singing meditation on Thursday morning... I have to tell you that I'm self employed and work six days a week... I have been doing this for the last three years and for about the last year it has really been a struggle for me to make it to the end of the week without feeling like I was going to drop. So I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Today is Saturday and the last few days I have had more energy then I have had in years!!!! This only gives me hope on what else is going to change in my life following your guidelines. Thank you again and thank you to your master for bringing this to us... Have no doubt that you are going to be missed on Hay house.... Blessings to you and your family.  
- Angie F. Aberdeen, WA

I received my meditation CDs and they are wonderful. I know they are going to make a big difference in my life. God bless you and all yours. 
- Betty M., Mechanicsburg, PA

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the meditation series - Thank You so much for the wonderful CD's. I look forward to the next arrival.
- J. C.  Bluffton, SC

The results I have had with the Meditation of the Month Club are unbelievable. It totally amazes me the short amount of time that it took for me to feel the positive changes.
Thank you Dr. Dharma for the MOM.
- Sharon O.

I am a breast cancer survivor/ multiple Sclerosis survivor.  Your meditation tapes help heal my spirits and calm my tears. 
- Margie

I did the calm heart meditation this morning … WOW.
- C.J., SC

Dharma, congratulations on an excellent Meditation Teleseminar on Wed night.  I found it very helpful and informative, especially the reinforcement you provided me for my vision of 2008 and the work I'm planning to do.  Part of that plan is to begin a meditation practice and you're helping me with that as well.  My wife, Harriet, and I are doing your Wake Up to Wellness DVD most mornings, and feel energized by it.  Thanks. 
- Dr. Bob

I want to thank you for the inspiring and beneficial effects of the meditation.  I went to sleep while listening to the healing meditation.  I woke up feeling much better.  I am now sharing the meditations with my son. 
- G.G.  Reno, NV

I want to thank you because you've opened me up to some new ideas. A few years ago I would have thought it was crazy, but I now understand that nothing is impossible.
- J.N.  Bloomfield, NJ

I just finished my first, true meditation thanks to your advice, and I feel great for having done so. You are a true inspiration.
- Andy H.

I love all your emails and look forward to receiving them. They cheer me up a lot. I do your Wake up to Wellness CD almost every morning and meditate on the chakras. I have been a student of Yoga since I joined the Sivananda Ashram in NYC in 1980, but wasn't always as zealous as I am now, and have been since 2002 when I picked up your CD's Meditation as Medicine in Border's book store, just because I liked what you wrote on the back of it and saw your turban. It put me back on the right path, and since then I have read almost all your books and have read a lot of Sri Swami Sivananda's too. Thank you for explaining in lay man's terms about the brain, and I love the end of Karma. Your meditation Sa Re Sa Sa is wonderful.  You have made a very big difference in my life. All the best to you.
- Gayer M., NJ

Dear Dr. Dharma, I want to thank you for all your work with your meditation CD's, of which I have many, and your wonderful book "Meditation as Medicine".  I have practiced kundalini yoga for many years, and always do a little before bed every single night.  It works like a charm.  I came home late last night after a performance, and had to be up early this morning to sing at church.  I had lots of energy and felt well rested, thanks to the gifts of my daily practice. With very best wishes,
- Andrea W., Issaquah, Washington

Personally, it’s been so uplifting and incredible to be part of the Meditation of the Month Club. Your work is tops!
- Brian M.

Since I started working with the meditations, I have begun to feel like I have awakened from a heavy sleep with great energy.  I am much quicker in my decisions, ideas, and much clearer in my mind.  I have the energy to act in many channels. Thank you!
- Anonymous Supporter

I feel much more centered, happy with what I have, and what I am, with no anxiety, a sense of comfort and gratefulness. It is really nice the way that I feel towards myself and the rest of the people.  Thank you Dr Dharma, for what you are doing for me, and for the rest of the society.
- Anonymous Supporter

I thoroughly enjoyed the Meditation of the Month Club last year and felt the meditations were helpful on many levels. Thank you.
- Arlene S, Budd Lake, NJ

The March meditation of the month is the BEST yet.  Alexandria and I have done it for the last three nights.  Either I am just getting it now or this has taken me to that zero point of healing like never before.
- Robert G. WI

I love your meditations. This September meditation is incredible. It’s beautiful.
- K.L., Canada

You have helped me so much in the past 8 months with your brain supplements, and your meditations.  I was like a stuck chrysalis, and now the butterfly continues to emerge.  There is no end to the beauty within a soul, is there? Sincerely, love and light,
- Cynthia D., Midland, Texas

The meditation breathing was incredible; I have never participated in any meditation exercise before.  It was an awesome peace and quiet that I just had to find your site and let you know!  Thank you.
- J. Preston

I have been feeling compelled to tell everyone about my morning SA TA NA MA meditation.  It is wonderful.  I am spreading the word about Dr. Dharma, and how you are touching my life, and I thank you for this.
- B.S.

Your Medical Meditation series on CD, are truly incredible, providing me with a lot of help in releasing negative past events, and improving my health.  Thank you!
- J.C.

I am so looking forward to more meditations! They have become a friend of mine!! I am so glad that I have committed myself to the spiritual world through meditation!! Thanks for walking with us!
- Marty

Can't thank you more than enough for teaching me meditation. Your products have had a profound impact on our lives.
- G. R., WI

We have spent a lot of time with these meditations and love them for their power and ability to transform. Most of us are also health care providers and have passed these on to others. We’re aware that they are meant to be used as part of a complete program, and we hope that we’re treating them with the respect that they deserve. We are most grateful to Dr. Dharma for making them available to the general public through his book.
- Dorothy B.


I used the “Wake Up to Wellness” DVD this morning –it felt like coming home. And, I feel great today! Thank you so much again.
- Susan

Love your meditation DVDs!
- Rita B.

I do love your Brain DVD!
- K.L., Canada

Hi, I’m really enjoying the DVDs and the Meditation of the Month selection I’ve purchased in the last few months. I’m enjoying them so much that I actually think about them even when I’m at work or driving. I find them really helpful to arrive at work an at home in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Thank you for your assistance and good work.
- Molly B.

Dr. Dharma, I recently purchased your DVD series, Wake Up to Wellness, Here Comes the Sun, Sleepy Time Nice. I was absolutely blown away with every one of the DVD’s.  They were very instructive and simple to follow.  I found them to be incredible powerful and energizing. I am new to meditation I have been enrolled in w separate meditation instruction classes for the last two months. Your program surpassed every thing that I have been taught in these weekly classes. 16 classes and I knew very little about achieving the centered and elevated ,consciousness that you helped me achieve almost.
Immediately, with your instruction, and demonstrations. This is exactly what I wanted!  Thank you so much you have my deepest respect and a client for life the DVD’s are a tool that is incredibly powerful and very ease to use. Many thanks
- Tony C., Cape Coral, FL

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful DVD, Wake Up to Wellness, and to share with you that I feel excited about connecting with my deep self during the exercises. I was excited to find out about your meditation club and have already joined!
- Sophi

I received my DVD today and I was right. It is just what I needed. When I went into my garden in meditation and saw my spirit guide, he wore a turban, and had a long beard. His name was Eric though.  I did the exercises and feel so much better. I could feel my spine loosening up and the oxygen going to my brain. Thank you so much. I know this is going to be a critical tool in my healing and growth in my spiritual life. Thank you again.
- Barbara

I did your DVD's the past two mornings. Great way to start the day and Wake up the Brain!
- Terry B.


Bliss CD:

I just finished a very stressful project working in Hollywood-and some things really got me through. I often listened to your Bliss CD in the car on the way to work-and the song "The Wheel Turns" would lift my vibration as I remembered that all things in the physical universe are temporary. I would feel at peace when I walked into work- in touch with universal life energy-and everything would go better. People were more cooperative, impossible deadlines were moved. I would sometimes be able to take a break in the afternoon, walk out into the plaza, take a seat on a public bench, and listen to one of your meditations on my iPod for 15 minutes. It would give me the energy to finish my 12 hour day productively. And I loved your daily e-mail. It was the warm touch of a friend in the crowd of demands of the day. Thank you!  I am looking forward to the next teleseminar! Warmest regards,
- Toni, Los Angeles, CA

My deepest THANKS! I have just received my package. I am listening to your CD Bliss while exploring all the materials. The Feeling of joy, excitement, Love and GRATITUDE CAN NOT BE CONTAINED.
- S.O.M., NY

I love the Bliss CD! It has a little of Moody Blues, Chicago, Tom Petty plus ZZ Top! I want to sing back-up!   
- G. G., Reno, NV

I am listening to you ‘BLISS’ CD now.  Your music is played in our clinic in the reception area.  We attended the ‘I Can Do It’ conference in Orlando in October.  We loved it!  Thank you for the ‘Wake Up to Wellness’ CD. 
- Dr. Scott

The CD ‘Bliss’ is most relaxing.  I have listened to it several times and each time it is more enjoyable.  What a wonderful way to calm the tension in your body.  Thank you.
- Patricia L.

I have found the Bliss Album to be inspiring and relaxing.  When I find myself over stressed or full of anxiety, I play my Bliss songs. Almost immediately I find myself in a different state of mind. The thing that is great about this album is that it will set your mind in a positive and energetic mood. You can listen to it at any time of the day or any time you just want to rejoice. What a happy way to start or end a day. Thank you for capturing and sharing the spirit of love.
- Patricia L. Tucson, AZ

I absolutely love the Bliss album.  I know Dr. Dharma was influenced by the Beatles, and that is easily heard on several tracks on this beautiful album.  If I need a quick pick me up IRU and Dharma Bliss get me pumped up and ready to go.  If I'm not in a good place emotionally On This Day/Long Time Sunshine and Not My Body help me put things into perspective (so beautifully written).  I also love the fact that Dr. Dharma "followed his bliss" and shared his love of music with the world.  Rock on Dr. Dharma!
Glennie P.

The Bliss CD is wonderful and inspiring - it makes me laugh and my heart sing!  My guess is On This Day/Long Time Sun.  Way beyond words.....

- Pat D.

My favorite songs on your Bliss CD are 7-11.  The reminder that I am not my body is a most important one for me as well as for our Western society. To me, this means the material world is but a hollow shell, a mask, a three dimensional expression or projection of the multi-dimensional being we are and from which we come. Attachment to it causes most of our problems. And the re-minder of service also helps to bring us outside the realm of our ego construct and into the bigger picture, the Allness within and without. And so, I am re-minded to meditate regularly, not sporadically, as has been my habit for too many years, so as to disperse the fears which are attendant to attachment to the 3-D apparition we call reality, and connect with greater Spirit, our Source.
- Dr. Stephen G

The album Bliss is a perfect companion for relaxation and elevation of your mind, soul and spirit. Many thanks and blessings,
- Sophi  H., Australia

I like the Bliss CD so much I have more than one copy.  One is in the house among the meditation CD's, the other is in the car to listen to there, I bought some extra for Christmas gifts.  I know it is early to shop for Christmas but I did.
- Ruth K.

The Bliss CD album is just so fabulous  because it is  wonderfully relaxing and has a special groovy beat that  is uplifting at the same time.  I feel it joins the two hemispheres of the brain so one is in the zone. It is a great contribution to music and I love all the tracks. 
- Mary F.

I love all the songs on your Bliss CD, but my absolute favorite is Not My Body. I love to play this when I teach kundalini yoga class. We meditate on Yogi Bhajan's "Not My Body" and then I play Dr. Dharma's song. Students love it and so do I. Thanks,
- Keval K.

I love the Bliss CD. It takes the ideas of Yogi Bhajan and puts them in a form that is uplifting and fun. I first heard it live at Omega some years ago. Clearly 'Master L' and 'Dr. D' were having a fabulous time. I suppose when it comes to great music we are all bit "stuck in the 60's!!!" My favorite is the Birthday Song (On this Day) combined with Long Time Sun. In my teacher training class whenever it was somebody's birthday we sang On This Day to the 'birthday boy or girl', and they, in turn, brought us cookies. Sat Nam,
- Guru Bhai K., NY

I myself really enjoy the Bliss CD. The song style is so catchy and modern, while the ideas are so profound and eternal. I like to listen to it as I go to sleep and also when I'm doing housework.
- Carol K.

I love to listen to the Bliss album. It's such a beautiful celebration of life. It really lifts my spirit.
- Melissa M.

I also wanted to say that the "Bliss" audio CD is really amazing... the quality of the message that is there just lifts me up, I've been listening to it a lot lately. What a great gift it is... thank you! Take care,
Dave R.

Thank you soooo much for making the Bliss CD. Love it, keeps me UP and centered. I listen to it on my way to work and by the time I arrive at work, I’m in a good space.
- Donna D., Tucson, AZ

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and genuine praise for your Bliss music CD. The whole album is a great attitude-adjusting meditation. Your humor and happiness in the music really translate.
- Catherine B., VA

As soon as I played your Bliss CD, I enjoyed it tremendously! An extra plus is that it sounds like you are having fun. I’m all for that!
- Donna M., Los Angeles, CA

    Meditation CDs

I’ve been using the meditation CD, and it’s amazing. I can really feel the energy moving up through my body while I’m doing the exercises, and I can already feel a higher consciousness flowing into me every day. Strange and wonderful things have been happening in my life, and even though I’m still a long way off from my recovery goals, I feel certain that I’m on the right path. I am also seeing a rapid improvement in my cognition, my mood, my motor skills, and my energy levels. I should mention that I haven’t yet gotten to reap the full benefits of 40 day straight, but I am doing as much as my body will allow, and even that is helping tremendously. Also, as for the vitamins, they are wonderful. Again, thank you so much for your time and generosity. I can’t find words to tell you how much I appreciate your help- it is truly priceless. Yours,
- Alex

I received your MP3 "Wake Up to Wellness" after speaking to you on your radio show the Healing Zone.  It is such a powerful way to begin the day. Everything on the tape is wonderful, especially the Kirtan Kriya. The article on your website is excellent. Thank you so much for this gift.  It has made such a difference already. I wish you would do more exercises on your show-the chanting and breath are amazing-so that others could discover these gems from the kundalini yoga tradition. Many blessings,
- Carlene, Paris, France

I ordered your Wake Up to Wellness CD and it is now a part of my daily ritual. I notice a qualitative difference in my day if I do not have a chance to do these meditations and exercises (which is rare if I am not able to). I am a PhD student in a highly competitive program and for the first time in several years I feel that I can control and reduce the stress and anxiety I have been dealing with. THANK YOU!!!!
- Dija

Anyone that regularly meditates knows that sometimes it's not as easy to get into the meditative state you desire.  I've found that Dr. Dharma's 1st Chakra Meditation CD gets me into the state I desire faster.  There's just something in the sound vibration that lets me "unhook" more easily and then I can spend more time in my meditation.
- Jane B. High Point, NC

The Wake Up to Wellness has been a great addition to my daily routine ever since I received it. It's really a great way to start your day in a positive manner. Specially those mornings that your motivation for getting up and facing the world is at minimal. I believe in all of Dr. Dharma's work and I know in a short amount of time these exercises and meditations will work for me to establish a healthier and more balanced living. God Bless,
- Ramtin P., Seal Beach, CA

I enjoy using Dr. Dharma’s Stress Away CD as a precursor to deep meditation or ritual.
- J.P. Columbia, SC

I listen to the 6th CD and follow along until I fall asleep and have it repeating all night. I do this several nights a week and I must say I get very restful sleep.
- Lynn D.

The 4th chakra CD has become the background in my daily meditation – I look forward to experiencing all the CDs!
- Gail K., Boise, ID

I have never experienced anything like your Prosperity Meditation CD, although I meditate daily. From the first time I played it, there was a change in the whole room, such a peace and harmony that I even noticed with my 3 pets. Thank you, Dr. Dharma, for this beautiful CD and the enlightenment I am now experiencing.
- Lorraine M


Brain Longevity

So much of today’s information presented on Alzheimer’s is little more than a forum for the drug companies-as you know. Your book, Brain Longevity,  is a shining light in a very dark and greedy world. Thank you and your publisher for presenting the much needed information contained in your book for the masses of baby boomers and beyond, in a friendly yet caring manner.
- Kerry C., Albany, NY

I have recently started the basics of your Brain Longevity program, and I already have found positive benefits.  Thank you so much. My wife also sees a difference in my happiness and energy. Excited to go even deeper into the healing and the Mystery. Blessings and Cheers,
- Mark

I read your “Brain Longevity” many years ago. I was very happy that you had written a book of this caliber. I feel so happy and blessed to find your website and your healing information.
- Dolores N.

You rock!....and you are my hero. I read Brain Longevity in 2008 and have recommended it throughout my family and friends. I look forward to your emails as you are generous with your information and I am a sponge for this sort of thing. As I experienced age related memory loss in my latter 40s I found relief and clarity through your books and supplements. So kudos and a big thank you for your commitment and personal work.
- Jan S.

This is a Thank You!  I wanted you to know that I discovered your book, Brain Longevity, around 1998. I've used the supplements you suggest in the book since then. That Christmas, I gave a copy of the book to four of my siblings. To my knowledge, I'm the only one who uses the recommended supplements. Ten years later, I rarely lose my 'train of thought,' and, if I do, I get it back within seconds. There is a marked difference between me and my siblings in the area of memory. I work in a very technical area. Because of you I am able to keep up with new technologies, techniques, and tools. Thank you so much for your pioneering work.
- Patricia L.

Thank you for your inspiration! I first bought your audio book Brain Longevity in the late 1990s when my mother was diagnosed with dementia. It inspired me to take my studies further and do a PhD focusing on brain aging.
- Caroline R.

I am grateful to the invaluable tips on how to keep oneself alive at a time when one is  fast ripening in age and like a  ripe fruit could fall any time. I must say Your Brain Longevity Book is a masterpiece.
- Nadesu

Your book, Brain Longevity, has been incredibly helpful. In the past, I've suffered two severe car accidents and with each wreck, a severe brain concussion. Doing the yoga exercises, taking the vitamins, minerals, health supplements, and physical exercise has been a lifesaver for me and my cognitive functioning, as well as my memory.
- Grace S.

I still recommend your products to ANYONE who will listen, because after almost a year, now, of taking them myself, my well-being just improves and improves, so my 15 year horror of my out-of-balance system, is a faded memory. For me, the change was evident after only 2 weeks of having green drink/gold tabs/memory/energy and brain tabs…which have since been my only daily supplement. I am grateful EVERY day, for the day I picked up “Brain Longevity”, in our local library.
- Z. K., Australia

I purchased your book "Brain Longevity" back in 2001, and today, I received your above referenced DVD, which I must say, has been beautifully done. Thank you for finally putting this together! Accordingly, I am happy to report, that I am thrilled with the benefits experienced after my very first attempt at the exercises. It is incredibly energizing, harmonizing and relaxing - the effects remain throughout the day!
- R.C

I greatly improved myself, after following your program outlined in your book ‘Brain Longevity.’  Thank you so much!
- N.P.

I have been living with a hereditary from of ‘AD’ for 17 years. It was your book, ‘Brain Longevity’, that I read in January 1997, that helped me get on the right track.  With the information from your book and several others, I have been able to regain my life, by using a whole – mind, body, spirit approach and am now functioning at a higher level than I ever dreamed possible.  I am a SURVIVOR. 
- C.V.

At about age 37 (I'm 42 now) I experienced a noticeable decline in my ability to recall memories. Fortunately in September of 2004 I discovered your book, Brain Longevity. How incredibly lucky and fortunate I feel to have found your work! I have applied your ideas and my memory and health have improved noticeably - thank you!!

I enjoyed Brain Longevity a lot and I even purchased a few copies to give to some of my students.  I really enjoyed the complete explanation about the damage stress puts on the brain and body. It has backed up a lot of my preaching about reducing stress in order to be truly healthy.
- Guy M., Dallas, TX

I find your book, Brain Longevity very useful and informative.  It is written in an engaging, accessible style but filled with great technical information as well.  My mother has Alzheimer's as did her mother.  My sister and I are both taking steps to avoid or postpone that path as long as possible.  I practice Kundalini yoga and appreciate the way you integrate these mind/body practices into a truly integrated preventive approach.  I look forward to meeting you at some point and truly appreciate your work.
- D.H.F., Austin, Texas

Brain Longevity was the first book I found during my search for natural bipolar treatments that gave me hope.  Your basic spinal energy series was magical.  Since then, I have given and recommended this book many times, always feeling grateful for your expertise.  Now I am doubly indebted - for the wonderful quote you provided to use on the cover of my own book, Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs.
- Jonny B., PhD, CNS

I am the primary caregiver for my mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. I am very impressed with your book Brain Longevity because it gave me tremendous hope for her future.
- Isumi, Japan

I am thoroughly impressed with the concepts in your book Brain Longevity.
- Saravanan, India

I like Brain Longevity very much because in it I found many answers I was looking for with regards to my brain power.
- Frank C., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much for your newsletter. The book Brain Longevity is excellent.
- Veronica K., Santa Rosa, CA

I came across your book Brain Longevity in what I believe was an inspired moment. I am so impressed with your insight and methodology that I believe that some, if not all of the keys to healing my mind, may be found through your methods.
- Brock K.

You’re great, Dr. Dharma. I bought and read Brain Longevity when it first came out and am still using this great information.
- K.P.

I read your book titled “Rejuvenece Tu Cerebro” (Brain Longevity) in Spanish and am very impressed by how important you feel brain nutrients are for brain longevity.
- Dr. G, Uruguay

Meditation of Medicine

I have read your book, Meditation as Medicine and found it so interesting.
- E.C.

First, thank you for all your research and caring. I know it has helped so many people. I read your book Meditation as Medicine several years ago an have been practicing Kundalini Yoga. I have read all your books. Now I am enjoying your fun and light CD Bliss.
- Jayne 

I became a fan of yours and your products when I found Meditation as Medicine, which I use so gratefully and religiously (pun intended) and it has helped me tremendously. Never before have I used such disciplined meditations and I marvel at the fact that I just knew that yours were a gift to me and so they have. They have been such a boon and a blessing and I have turned on so many people to your book. I want to thank you for such brilliant, loving, compassionately helpful research, innovation and for bringing all of this to us.
- Libby K, DD.

I learnt my initial medical meditations from the book Meditation as Medicine. One of the mind/body exercises, the fourth chakra immune system recharge exercise, had an immediate effect on me and the effects were exactly as described in the book. I felt energized, hopeful and light!
- C

I teach Kundalin Yoga, I was the first teacher in my city, and luckily there is four more now. The thing is that I recommend every student to read Meditation as Medicine; I consider it as a textbook for everyone.
- Clara V., Cuenca, Ecuador

I must confess, I really liked your book Meditation as Medicine about chronic disease treatment based on Kundalini Yoga. At first I was skeptical to this non traditional treatment, like the majority of other doctors, but life has changed my ignorance. The change my wife and I have had is 360 degrees. People like you, who I respect very much, are really making life better for people who are overwhelmed with illness.
- Dr. Andres M.

I really think it is important that you know the impact of Dr. Dharma in many, many lives. My father is a medical doctor and had surgery and almost died with a cloy in his lungs, it happened twice. He was 70. He used the advice of Meditation as Medicine, specially the breathing patterns and he recovered very well! One month later his colleagues, told him that his lungs belong to a 25 year boy. He is 73 now.
- Clara V., Cuenca, Ecuador

I really enjoyed your book Meditation as Medicine. I have been telling a lot of people about it and they want the same book. I had done Kundalini Yoga. I am enjoying it and its benefits for calming my mind. Hicks and Gary Zukav and Louise hay, Lynn Grabhorn (lots of books of thinking positive) while these books are helpful they never really give techniques or methods to thinking positive other than to stop thinking about it or ‘flip switch” your emotions as one of these authors tells us. I have found the mantras to actually clear my mind of the emotions so that I can actually get through the clutter in my mind and work solving the problem or allow the problem or situation to resolve itself. In some cases there never really was a problem I just felt that there was one. I already have MAM book and CD. I love Dr D. daily emails it’s as if he’s one of my sons, he is working us all part of this family. Make sure you tell Dr D. he is great. As a Mind/Body psychotherapist. I love what you and Dr. Chopra and Dr. Weil are doing for Western medicine and holistic health. I find them very helpful at calming my symptoms by calming my mind and spirit. I really like the music in the background and your voice leading the meditation. Thank you for the inspiration for me and my mother for whom I originally purchased the book for to research what I could do for her.
- Carol, San Francisco

I really enjoyed your book Meditation as Medicine.  So much so that I would like to order some copies to sell in my store. I have been telling a lot of people about it and they want the same book.
- Anonymous supporter

I just wanted to thank you for writing the book “Meditation as Medicine”.   I believe your book came across to me as a sign from God.  I have depression and anxiety.  I was looking for something that would help me.  When I saw your book, I picked it up and started to read the first pages.  I decided to buy it, and I think God was probably looking down at me that moment and smiling, because I was on the right path.   I feel that by reading your book, I have the knowledge to stay on the right path to be a happier person.  Again, thank you for the work that you do to help people.  Thanks for spreading the knowledge, you’ve been a great help to me.  Sincerely,
- Josie


I have read your book Medicine, and it was fantastic. I have started to do several of the meditations in the book and I feel more relaxed and at peace. I am currently a medical college student in NY. I have had an interest in pain management and anesthesia for several years now, and I think your research is very important to the field. Thank you very much for research and work, and I am looking forward to reading more about mind-body interactions.
- Dr. P., NY

I am following your book Food as Medicine, which I am enjoying immensely.
- L.B., Tucson, AZ

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from Meditation as Medicine. I’ve had some truly amazing successes in this journey and feel so much freer to live my life as I always wanted to live it.
- Arika E.

I love Meditation as Medicine and all your other books, they have changed my life. Thank you for presenting the information in such a useful and easy to understand format.
- Jamie L., North Redington Beach, FL

Let me thank you for the good work you put into your book, Meditation as Medicine. Your message is generously transmitted to your readers.
- Pedro P, PhD

Because my grandmother has Alzheimer's in her 70's I have search for an answer to real life. With her has my primary care taker as a child I remember watching her go through a battle within her self and often wonder why she stared at the floor in a trance. But now that I learned more about how life can run its course on some many, it could had been all the greasy foods, the unhappy marriage, the ovarian cancer, the breast cancer, the depression, the abuse, the neglect, the obesity, or the family. But now I know it was ALL of this!!!  I have been searching for the missing pieces, the answer to dyslexia, depression, or bi-polar disease. As a young woman at 23 years old with 3 children under 5 and my self in an unhappy marriage how I might be able to break the chains free of burden and suffering that has already cycled 2 generations. Thank You For Your E-mail and taking time to talk to the camera as yourself because I'm learning every bit of the way till I get IT right. The Holy Spirit The Great Awakening The Higher Power In You and In Me And In Everyone. I do believe and I do want more. I have a feel for accomplishment in all the negativity in the world. I read Meditation as Medicine when it first came out and practiced working through different chakras with meditations. I felt would be helpful for my issues. I did feel a big change in my energy, but still wanted something else. Last week I started working with your Wake up to Wellness DVD-doing it every morning. And it felt so right. It’s so simple too. I’m very impressed (once again) by your work. So I decided to check out ACE. It was amazing just reading the booklet as it confirmed everything that I have learned through what I have gone through. I have had a lot of health issues to overcome (depression/anger, skin problems, anorexia, suicidal feelings). All of the things you recommend are things I discovered along the way-diet-exercise, and meditation are the key, of course, to detoxification and healing. I like that you talk about how unacknowledged the ramifications are and how huge the consequences are in terms of health due to ACE. I look at my family: heart disease, a lot of cancer, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s. All of these things are consequences of my unhealed cycle of abuse. People like me want to just go on with our lives, but they can’t just “get over it” as you say. You acknowledge that there is no getting over it. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done to your energy systems. I did ACE meditations for the first time this morning and released so much. This is so positive for me as I had been feeling really down. Now I see a way out of it. I felt the change after one week of doing the KK meditation. It had been hard for me to do things- like keep my office organized which is really unlike me (I’m self-employed) and just finishing some things around the house. I was like this oppressive energy was hanging over me. Now I feel something has been righted or is beginning to be. Very cool. Very nice to know that things can shift at last. The Wake Up to Wellness DVD is very gentle and positive. I’m recommending it to all my friends. Thank you so much for the work you are doing.
- Rae

Food as Medicine

I just wanted to thank you so much for changing my life so greatly for the better. Your books, CD's, Newsletter and advice are priceless. Just today, I made mung beans in my pressure cooker, which a year and a half ago, before I read Food as Medicine, I didn't even know existed. They are delicious, as are many of your recipes, both for the body and the Soul.

I read your book, Food as Medicine and I'm fascinated, I learned a lot and I wish to learn much more. I am almost a vegetarian I am trying to be a true vegetarian. Thanks for all the good things you teach us. Best wishes,
- Rudy

I purchased your book, ‘Food as Medicine’ in 2004, but never got a chance to read it.  Now, 2 years later, I found your book after moving, and God couldn’t have made me look for it at a better time.  Your book is becoming my lifeline and path back to where I once was, a time when I understood and was very clear about a lot of things. Thank you! Brightest of Blessings to you and your family!
- N.S

When I was writing my food and nutrition encyclopedia, "The 150 healthiest foods on earth", Food as Medicine was one of the few books I kept within reach at all times. It's not only an invaluable reference; it's also easy to understand for the general reader. It's just a marvelous book
- Pam, Des Moines, IA

My Spirit has truly been touched by your book "Food as Medicine"!!!
- Anonymous supporter

The Pain Cure

I suffered from painful arthritis for years.  Thank you so much for teaching me about the role that sugar plays in inflammation and how a high sugar diet can aggravate arthritis.  On your advice, I significantly reduced dietary sugars and found to my relief that this vastly reduced my arthritis pain.  I highly recommend your books THE PAIN CURE and FOOD AS MEDICINE because they show how changing one's daily diet can help enhance health and relieve pain.
- Brett G., Los Angeles, CA.

The New Golden Rules

I would just like to take the time to say thank you so much... your book 'the golden rules' along with 'the prophet' have helped me to change my life around, I use the meditation techniques and your calming, cleansing way of thinking everyday and my life has never felt more pure.
- Simon B.

While reading your book, The New Golden Rules, I felt compelled to send this to you, so I followed my intuition.  I would like to tell you of my appreciation for your time, energy and writing.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. Humbly, I must say that I am working at becoming a better Energy Therapist and have found your writing to be enlightening and of great benefit.  Truly, I am grateful to you.
- Kellie H.

I’m just writing to tell you that the book “The New Golden Rules” was so inspiring to me in this special moment of my life! Sometimes I found myself crying whole reading your stories and testimonies! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences in a in a very simple and blessing way!
- Zail K.

I found your book, "The New Golden Rules" at the library and want to thank you for your wisdom. The anger meditations are especially helpful to me. Thank you very much,
- Namaste, Denise P.

I just finished reading The New Golden Rules. God could not have talked more personally to me. I have enjoyed your other books. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping.
- Catherine N.

The New Golden Rules is one of the best books I have ever read. I am a great fan of your work.
- Dan F, South Amboy, NJ

Thank you for listening to your divine guidance and taking the trouble to write The New Golden Rules. I know this book and the meditation exercises that you shared have helped me to keep the faith in a time when, in the past, I would have easily fallen into a huge pit of despair and fear.
- Patricia P, Green Bay, WI

I have to admit that when I first saw your photo with your turban I was a little bit disappointed. I thought that you were just a poser following the trend of the exotic. But after reading The New Golden Rules and finding out that you have dedicated your life to the service of others, I feel like a fool for misjudging you. I had a wonderful time reading your book and enjoy listening to you on the radio. Your commitment to humanity helps me commit to better myself. You inspire me.
- Veronica W., Bay Area

End of Karma

Dr. Dharma....I have been receiving your email for a while now and I love your advice. I have also read your spiritual books. I love The End of Karma. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom with me and others. Blessings

I have read your book The End of Karma and I love it. I’ve done it like 3-4 times. It’s amazing. I think I have been ending some of my karma!
- Daphne M.

Just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration with all your many emails and great ideas, and solutions. I have read most of your books, and I am on Chapter 27 of The End Of Karma. Fortunately for me, after immigrating to the US in 1980 (my mother was an American) from Madrid, Spain, I hadn't been in New York for more then 2 weeks when I went to the Shivananda Ashram in the city and was taught Yoga and a new approach to life, which made it a lot easier for me to relate to your and Yogi Bhajan's version of life. Thank you. It has made a huge impact on my life!
- G.M.

Just a quick word to thank you Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. for your book The End Of Karma it has changed my life and also thanks for meditations and mind/body exercises. All the best to you and yours,
- June B.

The End of Karma makes me realize how small I am in this Universe, but how important my existence is at the same time. I feel important but humbled. This book will change lives.
- Janet C., St. Louis, MO

Thank you for writing The End of Karma, it really has worked for me.
- Jerry H

I’m enjoying The End of Karma and the meditations very, very much!  Thank you.
- Sandra C., Wisconsin

I’m reading The End of Karma and find it very moving and enlightening. Thank you for all that you do in not only helping improve our physiological memories, but our spiritual memories as well! I’m sure that it was no accident that your work took you in two different yet so compatible directions. I guess you can truly say that your work is of the “Mind, Body and Spirit!”
- Cornelia N.

WORDS cannot tell you what your book The End of Karma has meant to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Margaret S., Roseville, CA

Dead Brain Cells Don’t Lie

I just started thumbing through Dead Brain Cells. You two do great books.  What a wonderful, informational, usable manual, with everything a person needs to know to jump on the band wagon.  I know it will bring a lot more fans into your program! Your original wake up to wellness cassette was a winner too.  So uplifting.  Having it on CD makes it very usable to the older crowd who are not yet DVD literate!
- Dr. Dianne D., Tucson, AZ

Dr. Dharma's book, Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie is a jewel for anyone seeking a healthier life. In this book Dr. Dharma provides clear and simple instructions for healing and helping brain functions, leading to improved memory and cognition.  I know this from experience, having practiced what he teaches over the past 3 months. My ability to accomplish my many tasks and challenges, both professional and practical, occurs more rapidly with greater ease and accuracy. As a senior psychologist with 30 years of practice, I am picky about taking advice in the brain department.  I am more than grateful for the many benefits I've gained from the well-recognized research and knowledge developed over the years by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa. His work is a gift to the healing arts. 
- Corinne B., Ph.D.

As a psychologist, I often deal with clients with memory, cognition or brain-related issues. Dr. Dharma has created a very helpful resource in his Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie -one that I will not hesitate to recommend to clients, who I am sure will benefit significantly from it.
- Anonymous Psychologist

All Books

Hi Dr Dharma! I love all your books! :). 
- Emily P. Indianapolis, IN

Hi Dr. Dharma, I loved your books. Thank you for being a daily inspiration for me
- Gizella.

I am a educator and received your invite. I use your books often in my health and spiritual health classes at Ventura College. We met years ago at Harvard with herb Bensen. Blessings Around and many thanks to you.
- Constance M. 

I have sure enjoyed all of your books and supplements for over 2 years now. It set me on a course to meditate every morning – first thing.
- VJ - CA

I have purchased the good Drs books, and recommend them to my patients frequently.  At the seminar we also picked up the Bliss CD and listen to it often.  It is filled with fantastic music and lyrics, and the more my wife and I listen to it, the more we enjoy it.  Thank you!
- Dr. B

I just want to say, that I have really appreciated Dr. Dharma’s books and products.  Through them, my life has been enriched, and I believe will continue to be as I learn and practice more.  Thanks again.
- J. D.

My feedback on the book is " This book is a Gem, a goldmine, not only has it helped me but also my family, friends, neighbors and yoga learners. It explains in a very simple way the workings of the memory which is easily understood by the layman. The book is excellent value and I genuinely recommend to anybody even those without memory de-gradation problems.
By all means don't take my word for it just look at the case histories provided.
- Balbir S. London UK


Thank you for keeping us informed on important health issues!
- B.

Thanks.  You have helped me so much in the past 8 months with your brain supplements, and your meditations.  I was like a stuck chrysalis, and now the butterfly continues to emerge.  There is no end to the beauty within a soul, is there?
- Anonymous supporter

Thank you for your loving support and sharing from the heart. Love forever
- Carol S.

I would like to thank Dr. Dharma, Kirti, you and the staff for all that you have done over the year. Your concerns, time, help and wisdom are greatly appreciated. The newsletter is great. In each one there are always gems of wisdom and helps in them. They spark ideas on how to do things better and live life to its fullest.
- Edith B., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wish you and your Team a HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY. Thank you for all your messages.
- Constantino

I have been following your articles very avidly and some  of it have been printed  and filed for future reference. I must say you are certainly  are a grand master on the topics you chose to talk.
- Nadesu

I’ve just returned from ten days out of town.  I formerly thought that you send too many emails but really missed hearing from you while I was gone. Perhaps the most important thing Kundalini Yoga (I’m in the midst of level 2 teacher training) is that we need to clean our minds every day. Your emails are inspiring as are your wonderful products that also clean the mind. We are so lucky to benefit from Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. My friend has always been depressing. Sorry he doesn’t know about you. Keep up the good work!
- Vanessa R.

I LOVE the daily reminders, insights, and videos. I trust you. Thank you for being there. I would buy everything that you provide online if I could afford to do it all. I will in time.
- Barbara R., Chicago, IL

Thank you Dr. Dharma for you daily emails, your books and all your suggestions about life in general.  I appreciate them and you greatly.  And, if sharing any of this with others, please feel free to do so.
- Marilyn N., Bellevue, WA

Dear Dr. Dharma, I read your email regarding the usefulness of Supplements, or not usefulness, as the case may be, and would just like to point out that in my case they are very useful. I have arthritis in my neck and lower back, which I just discovered after an X-ray. I was not sure what to do as the Chiropractor didn't seem to have any good ideas, so I looked up Arthritis in your book The Pain Cure and have taken Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for about 6 weeks now and am no longer in any pain at all. I wish I had found out years ago about these wonderful supplements, as it is so nice to be pain free. I always take the supplements you suggest in your books anyway. Thank you, as ever, for all great books and encouraging emails. They have made a great difference in my life.
- Gayer M., Cherry Hill, NJ

Radio Show

I so enjoyed your workshop at the Hay House Conference. I have been using your Green Drink daily and love it. I have also been using the Wake Up to Wellness CD and it is being really helpful. Thank you so much.
- Virginia M.

I just wanted to remark how much I liked the 'Healing Minute' titled 'My Two Addictions'. What a great expression of a good way to live. Peace and joy beyond all depth always,
- Tom L.

I miss your show on Hay House, you were just getting to some interest topics.
- Dan M.

I absolutely love your healing show on Hay house Radio and I'm a faithful listener since I found you a couple of months ago. I am currently striving to make meditation a part of my daily routine.  Thank you SO MUCH for everything you do to help people enjoy a better, longer, healthier life.
- GP

Your radio show was the first time I listened to Hay House radio this year. It was August 1st and it was about ACE. Since that time I've enjoyed listening to you often and receive and read your emails. This morning I started taking your Green Drink and Gold Tabs. I look forward to feeling the beneficial results.
- Terry

Wow, I am sure going to miss you on your show on Hay House. I listen to you every week and have learned so much. I also have gotten your Better Memory Kit for my Mom. Thank you for all you have given us through the show. I still receive your newsletter and will keep up on what is going on with you. Thank you so much.
- Linda

You are such a gift to us all Dr. Dharma. I will miss you on Hay house. Although all good will come from this for you! And for me as I will keep up with what ever you do and where ever you go. Thank you for everything. You truly are wonderful and have helped me very much. God bless your wonderful spirit and soul, now and more and more each day! YOU ROCK AND ROLL!!!
- Tanis M.

It has been wonderful two years with you at Hay house radio. I will miss you.
- Gregory B

Thank you Dr. Dharma!  I enjoyed asking Mariel about music. I’m sad this was your last show.  I have really enjoyed listening to your show-- it's had a serious influence on my life. you're a very magical human being.  thank you for letting me on air.
- J. H.

I have recently been listening to you on Hay house Radio.  My whole approach to life and it will continue to be lived by me, has radically changed.  My listening to you has made my life more peaceful and receptive of the intuitions and clearness of what you speak of each week. Thank you so much for the information.
- C. Stone, Las Vegas

I love this show!  I look forward to Tuesday afternoon to listen to you live.  I have also downloaded all of the archives onto my iPod.  Thank you very much for your great service
- A. Good

I just completed listening to a CD recording of your workshop at the Orlando Hay House conference.  Your program was immensely enjoyable and extremely beneficial.  It assisted me in reaching a deeper state of awareness. Thank you for your beautiful loving energy!
- L.C.,  Florida

I love your show and your calming way of talking.
- N.M

I'm an Actor. Living in New York City. I am also Italian citizen, with both parents born in Italy. So I can say that Dr. Dharma is actually one of the most Italian people I've had the pleasure to hear on Archived Hay house Radio. Please TEll Dr. Dharma to get BACK to Radio....We all miss him. Seriously, there is no one like him. It’s a great time to come back & rejoice in his voice, spirit and generosity. With Love,
Stefano D.F, NYC

How wonderful!!!  I just recently found the Hay house Radio website and began listening to Dr. Dharma's shows in the archives.  I was delighted to find so many topics of interest to me.  I can't wait to listen to all of them.  I loved the first shows I listened to which were on meditation and karma.  I even copied one of them on CD for my neighbor who has MS with no internet and she loved it.  I'm hooked!!!   I now listen on the website every chance I get...both live and in the archives.  Dr. D has a very soothing voice...Thank you Dr. Dharma!!.
- Linda G.

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your show last night -- yes, I'm a first-time listener. Keep up the good work.
- Renee C.

I have been listening to you since you started on Hay House radio. I always find value in whatever your topic is and enjoy hearing what you and your guests have to say. Additionally, listening to your show ALWAYS calms me down. Keep up the great work!
- April G., San Diego, CA

I want to tell you that I really do look forward to your HayHouseRadio.com show every week. Thank you so much for all the positive energy you give.
- R.Y., San Diego, CA

I especially like your meditations done throughout The Healing Zone radio show on HayHouseRadio.com. They really help me stay centered.
- D.V., Blacklick, OH

I haven’t managed to reduce my daily workload by much, but your Meditation Series CDs and meditation practice for “healing mind, body, and spirit” have been phenomenal! I have experienced clarity of thought during work and an overall better focus.
- C.H., Tulsa, OK

This is not a question … it’s a kudos! I find your Hay House Radio broadcasts very helpful!
- Linda P., Milwaukee, WI

I have passed your url to all my friends and can’t count how many times I’ve reminded people to pray or meditate 20 minutes every day. Thank you so much for all the work you do. Keep telling the truth. You are greatly appreciated!
- Kathy G.

Thank you so very much! I am so grateful to you and yours for your generosity in sharing information. My life has changed 180 since I started listening to Hay House Radio and calling into your show for help.
- Elley, Sun City, AZ

I have recently started listening to your Healing Zone radio show. You’re just wonderful. I can certainly learn a lot from you. Thank you for making a difference, you’re a gift from above!
- Agnes F., Canada

Listening to you on HayHouseRadio.com … you are good!
- Doug R.


Harp on!
- Jacquelyn L. Missouri

You info has been a real blessing for me. : )
- Kerry C.

You have so much wonderful advice to give, and you appear to be such a happy person.  It is very inspiring.
- T.M.

Thank you for hope, energy, and encouragement!
- Gracelyn G.

Thank you for your insights in memory loss and keep up with the wonderful work.
- Niura S.

I have been doing best with my own program of early morning mind/body exercises and have found them to be energizing and helping me to stay on an even-keep throughout the day.
- E.C., NY

I was so pleased to receive my order, thank you for expediting it for me.  I am happy now! I send best wishes to your son and new daughter-in-law for a blissfully happy life together. My best wishes and thanks to you, too, and Dr. Dharma for so much help and support.
- Valerie L.

I feel much more centered, happy with what I have, and what I am, with no anxiety, a sense of comfort and gratefulness.  It is really nice the way that I feel towards myself and the rest of the people.  Thank you Dr Dharma, for what you are doing for me, and for the rest of the society.
- Anonymous Supporter

Thank you for your help and the very efficient and supportive way you have dealt with this problem.   I really feel I know you and all your family and I treasure the love and care that shines through all the communications from you and Dr. Dharma and everything you do. Sincerely
- Valerie L.

Thank you very much for helping me. I appreciate all the work you do for us.
- Ron T., AB, Canada

Dear Dr. Dharma  thank you for lifting my spirit and keeping me so informed every single day. I love the newsletter and in these trying time there’s not a lot to look forward to, so thank you for truth and conviction to awesome brain health , our nation needs you in this hour... may you continue to share your wisdom, your brain buddy
- Derrick

I’d like to thank Dr Khalsa for forwarding my information. He has been an incredible influence to my way of life relating to diet, exercise, meditation, and obviously, helping me understand my father’s condition. I don’t think I could have ever understood properly what was wrong with father, until I discovered Dr Khalsa’s website.
- Karen H.

Really great site.  Thanks a lot!
- Valerie P.

I would like to thank you for continuing to put the information out there. You are helping many more people than what you will ever realize.
- Chris

Dear Dharma, it was a great pleasure, being in contact with you for so many years. I was and still am, continually interested in your marvelous mission/work.  You are a powerful presence in today’s society, providing and transmitting all your knowledge.  Congratulations!
- Docnich, Argentina

Thank you for your work, I love connecting with you every week.
- C.S., Potterville, MI

Thank you for being who you are and doing what you are doing. Thank you for caring.
 S.D., Warren, MI

My heart and prayers go out to you and Kirti following the accident Kirti was in. I read your e-mails every day and rejoice in all of your family adventures, your travels, and your wonderful insights and information that you so generously share. Please keep us all updated on how Kirti is doing. We wish her the very best. Sincerely,
- Linda H.

In San Francisco today, a very sunny, breezy pleasant 63-4 degrees F. Daughter Audrey, from Tucson, graduated, despite ongoing health issues, from Academy of Art University, with B of Fine Arts in Cinematography.  It took 9 years...from the beginning at Pima.  Your "silent", background support means more to me than you can possibly know. Thank you.
- Leslie

I just want to tell you that your new web site is as beautiful as your soul and teachings. I listen to you every week on hayhouseradio.com and I just can't have enough of you.

Thank you so much,
- Eyra

Dear Dr. Dharma, Thank you for all you have shared with us over the years; I am profoundly grateful.  Happy Father's Day to you and your family, how they must bless you. Blessings,
- Kathy G.

I love your work. Thank you for your dedication and insight. Sat Nam
- Elizabeth R.

Bless you for what you do.  Just the fact that you invite people to email you is tremendous, let alone the fact that you also send healing CD’s and books!  You are amazing.
- L.R., Kihei, HI


It was a pleasure to hear you speak so passionately about the importance of nutrition and stress management for brain health and overall health tonight during the Learning Annex teleconference.
- David R.

You are a medical man and I must say few have ever inspired and expounded the meaning of keeping one's body and soul brimming with vim and vigor as eloquently as you. You are an Inspiration to me.
- Nadesu

On behalf of the Attending Medical Staff at California Hospital Medical Center, I wish to express to you our sincere gratitude for your participation at our recently held 43rd Annual Staff Seminar on The Aging Body. Your excellent presentation on “Optimizing the Aging Brain” was very well received and helped make this program such a success.
On our Evaluation Form, under the heading of SPEAKER’S KNOWLEDGE, LECTURE/OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED, ADDED TO MY KNOWLEDGE BASE and AUDIO VISUAL AIDS/HANDOUTS, participants rated your talk as “excellent” on all categories. Under Comments, we asked WILL YOUR PRACTICE CHANGE BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU LEARNED TODAY/Please explain…one participant commented “I am gradually becoming more tolerant of the benefits of supplements and vitamins and was impressed by the meditation benefits.” We are honored by your participation.
With kind regards. Sincerely,

- Alan W., M.D., FACS

I attended your presentation at Chautauqua last week.  I was exciting, packed with information, with a wonderful mix of science, humor and human compassion, and it was amazing to witness how this huge audience cooperated with you all along.
- Prof. L

Thank you for your uplifting, beautiful and inspiring message. I enjoy your work and wish I could come to your seminar this weekend but couldn’t due to a scheduling conflict: I’m hoping you offer more such seminars in the future. I’m grateful I was lead to your work.
- Mary-Ellen T.

Greetings, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the recent CYL 2006 conference. This was my 3rd year attending and I try to experience speakers who I don't know a lot about but their topics are of interest. Needless to say I was VERY impressed with your lecture. I picked up your book, Food as Medicine and am confident it will become a part of my everyday life. I have signed up for your newsletter and look forward to the information in it. It has been a hobby of mine for years to study nutrition and the effects it has on me and my well being. It is not my desire to live a long life as much as it is to live a healthy one. God Bless you and the devotion you have to this very important subject.
- J. P.

100 Year Club

Thank you so much for the 100 Year Club Newsletter. I feel so honored and look forward to receiving it.
- Carolyn E.

Meditation Mentoring Club

It was great to talk to you today! Thank you for your terrific suggestions. I will be making a more formal altar and doing pranayam as part of my sadhana now.
- Toni


Spending an hour with Dr. Khalsa and the other participants, was a fantastic experience. To chant and sing together was joyous to be a part of. I was writing as fast as I could taking notes clinging to every word Dr. Khalsa spoke. It made me happy that he thought I had a good question. My hoarseness isn't as bad as it used to be, so like you said with more practice and getting it stronger, it will be gone, or mostly gone.

Letter Testimonials

Dear Dr. Dharma,

I am writing to let you know I love your email messages and how personal you are with them. The main reason I am writing you is to tell you my story. First, I want you to know I just completed reading Brain Longevity, and had chosen this as a class (I am now working on my masters degree in Religious Studies from Emerson Theological Institute in CA), and just completed a 63 question study guide from Emerson to complete this class. I mailed it off to CA on this past Friday. The 63rd question was my having to write a 40 day program for myself based on your book and chart at back of book. Also based on my test scores from tests in your book for what category of treatment plan I needed. I chose to take this class because I knew my memory was failing. I had a pretty good idea of how it happened, but really learned the reasons and treatments after reading your book. I LOVED the book. My husband died in fall of 2007 from Parkinson's (Lewy Body Parkinson), which as you know is with dementia. His symptoms and traits were similar to Alzheimer traits, so I not only attended weekly meetings for Parkinson support at the Muhammad Ali Research Center in Phoenix, but also attended an Alzheimer's support group in Scottsdale. I was his sole caregiver for 6-7 years and only had to place him in a private care home the last year of his life as he was incontinent and sometimes had to be fed and cared for like he was a child. Previous to caring for him, I lost my son at age 31 and I had lived my life stressed out and focused on him for over 5 years, as he was a meth drug user. Those were the initial years that practically destroyed me, mentally and physically, then just a few years after his death we began seeing all the Parkinson and dementia symptoms with my husband. There have been times I marvel at how I even survived it all, but I did. I survived it but am paying the price of all the chronic stress and poor eating habits.  I will be 74 years old in August, but look younger than that, and have good energy and feel I have much yet I want to accomplish and do in my life! I want to complete my masters degree and then do training and classes to become an Interfaith Minister. I have more to do! I have written you mainly to say THANK YOU. Thank you for the book, thank you for your emails, thank you for everything
- Ruth P. Phoenix, AZ

I want to take this time to say that I find Dr. Dharma such a pleasant spirit I love to hear your voice. It is clear full of life and I can tell you like to have fun and play!! I also would like to say that I am enjoying the meditations! I so much want to clear my mind of limiting believes and connect to the source of all energy God spirit or whatever name one wants to name it! The discipline of the meditations and the energy that is felt and moved in these meditations are very helpful!! I look forward to doing them. I also enjoy hearing your voice during the taping and spending time with you. I feel the joy and the love and the care you have in your voice!! I also see the love and dedication you have to people and giving them the best!! The world needs people like you helping those who have the ears to hear to reach a higher level of health, peace, and prosperity!
One of the things that I have learned lately is that we all may have a difference process or words we use to talk about God but it is all the same God!! Prayer is prayer it reaches to the God or spirit no matter the name!! I have not realized that before but through these meditations and through other spiritual work I am doing for my own personal Transformation I am learning this!! Interesting because I was raised Jewish and have been a Episcopalian and do the Yoga meditations. I am becoming so much more at ease over my own spirituality and that has not always been the case! One God many paths
I am sure I have more to say to you, but I want you to know I love the way you write, speak have fun and live!! You also have my respect for not living in the box and being a servant and have a great balance in living in spirit and on earth and enjoying them both!!
Thanks Dr. Dharma you have my respect and am glad you are part of my life!! Another time I would love to share with you how much our soldiers would benefit from meditation in the healing of PT-SD. The soldiers coming back are so affected by this as I can personally attest to by my son who unfortunately lost his life from it!!

- Marty

Dear Dr. Dharma, thank you, deeply, for the Kirtan Kriya Exercise!  I was having a very difficult two days. The effects of a closed head injury were getting a lot worse as I tried to do too many diverse tasks in a limited amount of time. I began to descend from non-action into paralysis with a reading/writing assignment that involved a rapidly approaching deadline in the midst of other time-sensitive tasks I needed to complete. My brain’s speed and agility plummeted as my emotions intensified.  It all read like a checklist from your new book Dead Brain Cells Don’t Lie, which I had (luckily) just started reading. I was feeling tense and anxious, unable to concentrate. I started to get really annoyed with myself, especially since I was actually excited and happy to have the  reading/writing assignment.  Now, it seemed like an impossible task. This led to my feeling discouraged and confused.  I hung on the precipice of panic and hopelessness.  I was in such a state that I couldn’t even get myself outside to exercise and breath deeply.  All I wanted was chocolate. I needed to do something fast!   I was really concerned that I was losing brain cells by the minute, when it seems like I don’t have the normal number now, as it is. Something impelled me to try the Kirtan Kriya Exercise I had just come across the night before in your wonderful new book, Dead Brain Cells Don’t Lie. I only did the exercise once, and not even just right.  I only used the finger positions and the words, not singing it or doing the visualization. Dr Dharma, my entire state shifted! I could hardly believe it!  Just ONCE, and an incredible change!  I immediately went to the piano and got the recommended note sequence correct.  I then followed the rest of the instructions and spent another five minutes repeating the exercise. All the intensity and mal-function I had been dealing with for two days dissolved, and I simply went and sat down happily at the computer and started to write. Needless to say, I will continue reading Dead Brain Cells Don’t Lie, and will be engaging further with the rest of your program.  This is truly amazing.  I now have new hope that “me and my brain” can have a wonderful life together. In gratitude for your life’s work,
- Nancy W., Boulder, CO

Dear Dr Dharma, I just wanted to share something with you. My brother was expecting an amount of money to come in by the end of the month, that hadn't come in and was causing him some serious concerns. He lives in South Africa. We are very connected and talk every day on Skype. I do a few of your monthly meditations twice a day and always tell everyone how incredible powerful they are. This morning I felt guided to do both your June 08 and July 08 Sa Ta Na Ma meditation, with the Sat Siri Siri Akal meditation which I do daily. They took me just over an hour and when I got out of the meditation there was a message from my brother on my machine saying that the money had just arrived. I am over the moon with gratefulness. For me this is affirming again, that we are all connected and that what we do can help and affect the people we love and care about.Thank you for making these powerful meditations available to us. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for having come across your meditation club. With much appreciation and love,
- K.

Healing With Meditation Seminar

These seminars and meditations are helping me immensely.  I'm very glad I'm a part of this. It’s changing my life already. Sat Nam,
- Pamela

Thank you for the incredible seminar. I had thoroughly enjoyed the brain longevity seminar last June, very informational. This one was even better, so profound and powerful was the experience. Your selection of meditations could not have been better. Your drift from doctor practicing yoga to yogi practicing medicine is so evident in your face which now exudes more peace and serenity. You offered all of us a day to remember that will vibrate in our beings for a longtime to come. To you and your lovely team, thank you.
- Dr. Dianne D.

I enjoyed spending the day with you and your staff yesterday. Together you created and held the space for personal growth, love and generosity. I feel so freed up and energized by the work I did, and I am grateful for your time and wisdom. I look forward to the coaching.
- Tish M.

Thank you for the wonderful time. Thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the meditation and healing...I definitely felt different after Friday. Thank you for asking me to provide the massage and craniosacral sessions...all the clients were wonderful and touched my heart warmly.
- Monica E.

I’m home safe after a wonderful and profound experience. I thank you both for helping me take a major step in my life. Dr. Dharma, there are not enough words to say how I feel right now. Your teaching and energy throughout the time made the experience truly profound. I went away feeling changed and charged and that feels wonderful. I’ve done my Sadhana this morning and am ready to enjoy my day! I’m also looking forward to the next meditation seminar!!! YEA!
- Marilyn Q.

I truly enjoyed the Healing with Meditation Seminar last Friday at Sunstone. Meeting all of you has been a gift that will last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. I look forward to our continued relationship as I have signed up to participate and learn further from you over the next few months. What a treasure!
- Ana L.

I am so grateful for the seminar on the 25th. Your generosity truly overwhelms me. Thank you many times from the bottom of my heart. It was a great day of healing and spiritual experiences.
- Ruth E.

My thoughts frequently wonder back to the seminar.  I am amazed that I found you just in time to attend your first seminar. I never forgot the meditations we did 13 years ago. For me they were so powerful that I wanted to experience them again. You have so much you could teach us and I need your to guidance to see what I am really capable of. We talked about the powerful energy we shared as a group I hope you will consider doing another seminar. I am truly grateful. Best wishes to all of you.
- Cappy D.

I love Dr. Dharma’s humor and expertise. I feel that it motivated me to be more consistent again with my meditation practice.
- Diane, Sacramento, CA

Brain Longevity Seminar

Fantastic! I learned so much. This is my second seminar with Dr. Dharma. Great to reinforce some ideas and implant new ones! Thank you- I am in the light!!
- G.R.

I increased my knowledge of the elements of brain memory longevity and the need to establish a regular program of exercise/cognitive exercise/nutrition/meditation practice.
- Ed B.

Very informative seminar. Great mix of exercises and lecture. All of the staff is wonderful. Thanks  Dr. Dharma for such ground-breaking work!
- Gary A., Seattle, WA

The Brain Longevity Seminar was positive, enlightening, and challenging!
- Maria M, Texas

Mind-opening experience. Motivated me to do more for neurogenesis and for myself!
- Robin, NYC

I would like to thank you and your superb staff for a marvelous top-notch experience-smooth sailing! Hotel was fantastically friendly, great hospitality!
- Bob, Dallas, TX

It was all I expected and more!
- Laura, San Diego, CA

I am delighted with my experience. It was wonderful to meet Dr. Dharma in person after reading the books and emails!
- Sandy, Las Vegas, NV

My experience at this seminar has been truly blessed. I have been given tools to heal myself and others.
- Lory, Colorado

Stimulating, rewarding, and motivational. Quality of life work, which is the key for my age.
- Tom P, Florida

Very educational and great health information.
- Dr. Yolanda S, Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful and invaluable life strategy. Very hopeful and inspired.
- Raymond P, Tucson, Arizona

The seminar really opened my eyes to the need for prevention measures for a multitude of age related problems. The yoga and meditation were really beneficial.



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