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The Answer is Absolutely Yes!

"Can it Really Take You Less Than a Minute A Day to
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Dr. Dharma®

Gold Caps


Now in tablet form.

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Gold Caps
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This Product is Suitable
for a Vegetarian Diet

Hello. This is Dr Dharma and you know what? What you’ve always wished and hoped for is a reality. Your dreams can now come true. I’m here to tell you about a uniquely formulated high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that is clinically and scientifically proven to help you feel young and healthy. It will definitely put your mind at ease.

I’m almost 66 and I’ll tell you what: I’m too young to start feeling old. And so are my patients and so are you.

And now you’re in control. You can have confidence that you don’t have to age so hard and fast.

Gold Caps
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The Benefits of Gold Caps

Yes, when you open the bottle and take the Gold Tabs, you’ll be among a select group of people using the most exclusive high potency multiple vitamine and mineral capsule in the world.

With the Gold Caps:4

  • You can have a strong immune system
  • You can block the effects of stress and poor diet
  • You can support healthy brain function and lower bad chemicals in your blood that have been proven to possibly increase your risk for Alzheimer’s
  • You can support healthy bone and joint function
  • You can have beautiful, glowing skin, stop wrinkles, and enjoy healthy-looking, lustrous hair
  • You can guard against tight muscles and feel so relaxed you’ll think you’re a kid again
  • You can gain a whole new perspective on life because you’ll feel great and have the energy to do whatever you want to do

 “I’ve been taking vitamins for forty years and your Gold Caps make a profound difference in the way I feel. They are the best vitamin I’ve ever taken. The Gold Caps give me a nice steady pep. Thank you, Dr. Dharma.” Wendy M, 77 years old. Arcadia, CA

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in. Whether you're young or a boomer or of a retired age you need to join me and take my Gold Caps.

The Gold Caps are the original, best formulated multiple vitamin and mineral capsule in the entire Universe. I know they are reliable because I’ve been prescribing them for over a decade and I take them everyday myself.


WomanSo I know how good they are and I’m excited to recommend them to you because I want you to have the very best there is.  

But it’s not just me saying it.

Researchers at Harvard recently discovered that most Americans don’t take in adequate levels of essential nutrients for basic fitness; let alone optimal health.

Beyond that, The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that everyone needs to be taking a multiple vitamin because lack of nutrients is the leading cause of disease in America; especially with our nutrient-depleted soil.

That’s why I formulated the Gold Caps to:

  • Give you a proven formula that provides a superior kick of powerful nutrition to fuel your brain power, longevity and overall sense of well-being       
  • Provide a potent blend of leading-edge vitamins and minerals that supports your health and also helps you feel and look many years younger

 “I’ve been taking the Gold Caps for over a year. They’re great and I really benefit from them. I feel so much younger and happier.” Karen P, 39 year old business woman, wife and mother. Chicago, IL
Gold Caps
Order Gold Caps

The Gold Caps have everything, from Vitamin A to Zinc, in the perfect high potency formula for your optimal health, stamina, and endurance.

They have:

  1. A therapeutic amount of Vitamin A
  2. A perfect concentration of Vitamin C
  3.  A great amount of Vitamin D 
  4. A super effective dosage of all the B Vitamins for sustained high levels of mental and physical energy and endurance
  5. Terrific mineral concentrations to keep your noggin’ firing on all cylinder 
  6. Calcium to support bone health. Zinc, Selenium, and more
  7.  Plus many trace elements such as vanadium that you need.

As you can see the Gold Caps are a totally complete high potency Vitamin and Mineral perfectly formulated for your optimal health and happiness.

And one more critically important point: The Gold Caps are an all natural veggie cap. They are not gelatin, which is awful because gelatin is made from cow bones.

Get ready to feel great in less than a minute a day. That’s all it takes to take your Gold Caps.

Order Yours Today!

Best of Blessings,

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. - Dr. Dharma

Dr. Dharma

P.S. “It’s a great plus that Gold Tabs are Vegi-Tabs. That makes them safer and healthier. I have never found a product better than this one.”  
Cynthia S., 46 years old, Nurse. Boca Raton, FL

P.P.S. The powerful ingredients in the Gold Caps have been applauded by many medical journals and organizations. You deserve the very best.


Gold Caps

Gold Caps

$ 39.95

You’ll receive a one-time shipment of one 180-tablet bottle of Gold Caps delivered right to your door... that’s a full ONE-MONTH SUPPLY for just $39.95 

Click here to view supplement facts

Gold Caps - Monthly Continuity Plan

Gold Caps - Monthly Continuity Plan

Automatic Payment:
$34.00 today plus payments of $34.00 starting on May 24, 2018. One payment will be automatically charged each month. You may cancel at any time.

$ 34.00

Continuity Terms and Conditions 

For your “no fuss” convenience, we’ll arrange for you to receive a fresh, new supply of Gold Caps delivered right to your door EVERY MONTH.

You’ll automatically save an incredible 15% with every order. This way, your investment is only $34.00

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