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New Organic Green Drink with Advanced Berry Blend

Light Up Your Brain, Detoxify
Your Body & Lose Weight Fast!


Dr. Dharma®

Green Drink


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Green Drink
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This Product is Suitable
for a Vegetarian Diet.

My New Delicious High Energy Life-Giving Organic Green Drink with Advanced Berry Blend is the quickest way to gain high energy and a very powerful anti-oxidant free-radical scavenging effect for your optimal brain, immune, and over all terrific health.

Want to start each day with new found get up and go? Want to feel great all day long? How about a new sleeker you on a pure anti-aging longevity path?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then you must begin using my all new Green Drink with Advanced Berry Blend today.

My original Green Drink was awesome and this new one is even better.

It still has the same great benefits:

  • Improved regularity
  • Increased mental sharpness
  • Better balanced blood sugar levels
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • An alkaline pH so you can keep yourself disease free
  • Dramatically improved digestion with less bloating and gas.

And now I’ve made it even better.


WomanBy adding an all newly formulated Advanced Berry Blend. Yes, you read correctly. I was thinking about making a separate product with red berries and other fruit so you could have a higher level of what scientists call ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

ORAC values are critically important: The higher the better. That protects your health. Beyond that, ORAC values have been measured for many fruits and vegetables.

For example, a single serving of 1/2 cup of fruit and vegetables gives an ORAC value of between 600 and 800. If you figure that the current recommendations for a plant based diet should contain at least eight servings you can see how a healthful diet would contain a high ORAC value (4800).

But check this out: The ORAC value for my all new organic Green Drink with the Advanced Berry Blend is 3,000-5,000 depending on how much you put in your drink.

It’s like getting 3-6 top notch servings of fruit and vegetables all at once.

So, in addition to eating a well-balanced, healthful diet, rich in plants and fruit, I also advise you to use my Green Drink and Advanced Berry Blend as a superior way to help meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements for longevity and optimal health.

 "I love the Green Drink. And the addition of the Advanced Berry Blend makes it better. It even tastes a little like chocolate." Linda L, 49 Hotel Business. Toronto, Canada
Green Drink
Order Green Drink

Here are just a few of the dynamic, clinically proven ingredients:

  1. Organic Wheat Grass
  2. Organic Green Tea Extract
  3. Organic Carrot powder
  4. Organic Broccoli powder
  5. Organic Cauliflower powder
  6. Organic Kale powder
  7. And others such as organic parsley, spirulina, and chlorella.

All of them help stimulate your entire healing system, protect your cells from cancer , give you tons of extra reserve energy.7

And check out this fantastic array of fruit:

  1. Organic Raspberry powder
  2. Organic Tomato powder
  3. Organic Strawberry fruit
  4. Organic Mango fruit
  5. Organic mountain Cranberry
  6. Organic Hawthorne Extract
  7. Organic Apple fruit
  8. Organic Black Current powder
  9. Organic Pomegranate
  10. And a delicious blend of organic vanilla and strawberry flavors.

These fruits taken together really give you a broad range of nutrients that you’d never get otherwise simply because it’s doubtful that you eat them every day. You would never be able to get this rich array of life-saving nutrition on your own. But now you can!

Please note that the organic Green Drink with the Advanced Berry Blend contains no wheat gluten, dairy, soy, or artificial ingredients.

This new formulation is truly a breakthrough natural product to give you a tremendous feeling of health, well-being, and energy. It is perfect for everyone!

Green Drink
Order Green Drink


The Green Drink with the New Advanced Berry Blend is absolutely the best way to give your body everything it needs to be a powerhouse of energy, health, and vitality.

You’ll be slimmer, stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier, and more beautiful than ever.

Don’t wait. Discover the new and improved you—stating right now.

Order your all new Green Drink with the Advanced Berry Blend today.

Best of Blessings,

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.


Green Drink

Green Drink

$ 45.00


You’ll receive a one-time shipment of an entire 30-day supply of The Green Drink delivered right to your door... that’s a full ONE-MONTH SUPPLY for just $45.00  (plus S&H). 

Click here to view supplement facts 

Green Drink - Monthly Continuity Plan

Green Drink - Continuity

Automatic Payment: $38.00 today plus payments of $38.00 starting on April 22, 2018. One payment will be automatically charged each month. You may cancel at anytime.

$ 38.00


Continuity Terms and Conditions

For your “no fuss” convenience, we’ll arrange for you to receive a fresh, new supply of The Green Drink delivered right to your door EVERY MONTH.

You’ll automatically save an incredible 15% with every order. Your investment is only $38.00

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