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Brain Longevity® Supplements

Conventional medicine primarily approaches the prevention and reversal of memory loss by looking for an ever-elusive magic-bullet drug. I've been able to help many people improve their memory and reverse memory loss with the following Brain Longevity™ Supplements.

Our manufacturer is a leading GMP compliant, NSF certified, Rx and OTC FDA drug-licensed contract manufacturer of custom dietary supplements and OTC formulations. Clients can count on the experience, facilities, equipment, testing capabilities, and staff to provide quality and value in the products they need.

Brain Tabs brain food supplement

Brain Caps - The Brain Caps are especially designed to nourish and protect your brain, sharpen your mental focus and cognitive function, and reinvigorate your brain's natural anti-stress mechanisms.

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Super Rejuvenation Caps

Super Rejuvenation Caps - A fantastic new formulation by Dr. Dharma that combines all of the powerful ingredients of both the Energy Caps and the Super Longevity Caps.


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Green Drink - Small

Green Drink - The Green Drink contains plant extracts and important trace elements that are rapidly absorbed into the blood to nourish the brain, increasing focus, attention, and concentration. It also supplies beneficial enzymes needed for just about every chemical activity in your body, and 5 billion probiotic live and active organisms.

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Gold Caps

Gold Caps - Research reveals that even if you follow a good diet you still need to take a multi-vitamin. The Gold Caps are a high-potency multivitamin mineral tab that deliver a potent and synergistic multivitamin formula that will boost your brainpower and concentration, and protect your cells from mental and environmental stresses. You will radiate with health, well being, and boundless energy.

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Memory Caps to fight memory loss

Memory Caps - Are you experiencing age-associated memory impairment? Mild-Cognitive Impairment? Early Alzheimer's disease? Do you find your self forgetting little things? The name of an acquaintance? Where you left your car keys or parked your car? The Memory Caps are specifically formulated to help reverse memory loss. They work in a dynamic relationship with The Gold Caps and The Brain Tabs to slow down the progression of cognitive decline.

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Inner Beauty Caps - Small

Inner Beauty Caps - I initially formulated it because I wanted a supplement that had all the most crucial compounds in it that would help your entire being. On both the inside and outside.

The synergistic compounds in Inner Beauty Caps act to do three things:
1. To detoxify your liver,
2. Make the most significant anti oxidant in your body, which plummets with age
3. Blast away inflammation in every organ system in your body including your brain, and yes your skin, too.

The result? You re-invigorate all of your organs on the inside and have beautiful glowing skin on the outside.

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good night caps small

Good Night Caps - Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to brain health and memory.

I created the Good Night Caps to help increase the bodies natural sleep mechanisms so that you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Instead of waking up groggy you wake up refreshed, clear and ready to go.

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