Kirtan Kriya Research

In September 2003, the Alzheimer's Reserach & Prevention Foundation, in collaboration with the Amen Clinic, an affiliate of the University of California at Irvine, performed an innovative research study.

In this study, eleven subjects were examined, using SPECT scan (Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography). The subjects had these scans taken before and after performing a mind/body exercise called the Kirtan Kriya. It was hypothesized that the Kirtan Kriya would show activation of the frontal lobe and hippocampus, along with a spiritual experience.

During the Kirtan Kriya, the subjects repeated healing sounds (a mantra) for 12 minutes. The 5 sounds are Sa Ta Na Ma, with Ah being the fifth sound.

The meditation exercise session involved chanting the sounds out loud for 2 minutes, then whispering for 2 minutes, repeating the sounds silently for 4 minutes, followed by 2 minutes in a whisper and then 2 minutes out loud.

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The subjects showed a dramatic improvement in their brains' anatomy and physiology after performing the meditation. One of the most dramatic results was an increase in positive activity in their frontal lobes, signifying an increase in their ability to pay attention, focus, and concentrate.

They also showed a change in the lateral part of their brain - the so-called God spot, which allows a person to feel in touch with their Higher Power.

Finally, the study showed a significant change in the master gland structure of the brain. This change will help a person be in positive mood and have plenty of brain energy.

Brain Before Kirtan Kriya

  Before: This is a SPECT scan of the brain before the meditation. From this image we see that the dimples in the front show a lack of complete blood flow. The area located on the back region of the brain is lumpy and asymmetrical, also due to a lack of blood flow. In the center of the brain no thalamus is detected.

Brain After Kirtan Kriya

  After: This SPECT scan shows the same brain after the meditation. The dimples have disappeared showing an increase in blood flow. The back of the brain is fuller and more symmetrical. The thalamus is now detected in the center of the brain. The thalamus controls appetite and sleep cycles, sets the emotional tone of the mind, and promotes bonding.

Kirtan Kriya Mudra

The kirtan kriya meditation for creativity is excellent to do after the relaxation period that follows the basic spinal energy series. It celebrates the cycle of creation: birth, life, death, rebirth.

This kriya involves the chanting of the primal sounds that signify the stages of life. They are: Saa, which means “birth” or “cosmos”; Taa, which means “life” or “existence”: Naa, which means “death”, or “completion”; and Maa, which means “rebirth.”

Say each of these words repeatedly, in order: Saa Taa Naa Maa. The a in these words is pronounced as a soft a, or ah. Repeat this mantra while sitting with your spine straight, and your mental energy focused on the area of our brow, or forebrain. Yogis believe that this stimulates your pituitary. You can find this spot by rolling your eyes to the top, or root, of your nose.

For two minutes, chant in your normal voice, which yogis call the “voice of action.”  For the next two minutes, chant in a whisper, which yogis call the “voice of the lover.”  For the next four minutes, chant silently; the yogis call this “the divine language.” Then reverse the order, whispering for two minutes and chanting the mantra out loud for two minutes, for a total of twelve minutes.

The mudras, or finger positions, are very important in this kriya. On Saa, touch the index fingers of each hand to your thumbs. On Taa, touch your middle fingers to your thumbs. On Naa, touch your ring fingers to your thumbs. On Maa, touch your little fingers to your thumbs. (See illustration). To come out of the kriya, inhale very deeply, stretch your hands above your head, and then bring them down in a sweeping motion as you exhale. In a short time, the kirtan kriya may well increase your intuition, creativity, and mental energy. 

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