Seks 700 Times

Seks 700 Times

Yes, I know I spelled it wrong, but you have to, so it won't get spammed.

Anyway ...
If you're 50 years old or more, I just read that an interesting way to improve your cardiovascular system, enhance your immunity, and live longer is to have seks 700 times a year.
Not bad.
Wouldn't it be great if I had a supplement for that?
Not sure it exists and not really sure that's possible, anyway.
But I'll tell you what. Check out this email from a 67 year old Dr. Dharma Doer:
Subject: Gold Caps and Energy Caps
"Dear Dr. Dharma,
See what you've done for me. 67 and cycling from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina!  Wow! And thanks."
- Sandra B, NC.
Wow is right Sandra! Way to go and thanks for being such an inspiration.
Longevity Golf Caps.
Energy Caps
I'm doing everything I possibly can to help you live long and well.

Best of Blessings,

Dr. Dharma

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