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From Darkness to LightFrom Darkness to Light Kit is a breakthrough program to resolve early life stress. This Kit will help you overcome your Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and become a thriver.

This Program Includes:

  • 1 Healing ACE Practical Manual
  • 1 Healing ACE DVD with guided healing mind/body exercises

    An ACE is an Adverse Childhood Experience and, up to now, there was very little in the way of therapy or healing available for ACE sufferers.

    But now an ACE person doesn't have to be a victim.

    You can move from being a victim to past even being a survivor, to being a thriver.

    A thriver is someone who lives in a state of glowing health and personal excellence, in spite of being abused as a child or suffering from early life stress or trauma or abuse or not being nurtured.

    An Adverse Childhood Experience is defined as when one of both parents weren't there for you for one reason or another.

    Examples are divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, prison, suicide, or not having the energy to take care of you.

    The tragedy is that having an ACE makes you prone to having a higher incidence of serious medical illness yourself, and having shorter life-span.

    Every major medical and psychological illness, such as heart disease, lung disease, depression, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and even Alzheimer's is higher in someone who has suffered from an Adverse Childhood Experience.

    But now, finally, there is something that you can do about it besides taking another antidepressant, a tranquilizer or go for more therapy.

    You can now heal on every level of your life.

    This program includes an enlightening booklet called From Darkness To Light , which explains the whole concept of ACE and gives many real-life examples of people who have been healed.

    It also has a very powerful DVD with an incredibly healing 17 minute mind/body exercise followed by an 11 minute singing meditation called Meditation for Deep Healing that is basically unknown to most people.

    I've personally done these meditations on and off for close to 30 years and I know they work.

    Yes! You read correctly. Three decades of personal and medical experience with these meditations go into this program

    Let true healing begin.

    Offered now at the special price of $49.95 - which includes S&H in the US.


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