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How My Dream Will

Change Your Life


The Only Way To Stop From Losing Your Memory 


Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in Only 12 Minutes a Day

Brain Longevity® & Perfect Health At Your Finger Tips

Imagine preventing Alzheimer’s disease in only 12 minutes a day. Now you can and also enjoy perfect health, happiness, and inner peace.

Please allow me to be clear: There is no drug to prevent or reverse memory loss and none on the horizon. They’ve all failed.

I had dream that will change your life.

That night as I was sleeping my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004), a true yoga master came to me. He said, “Write a little book about how to meditate. People need it. Make it easy; eleven pages long. It will be a great service to humanity.”

So being a committed student, I followed my teacher’s directive and started writing. It wasn’t easy at first. My ego got in the way. I wanted to make it a big book.

But then after getting nowhere, I was lying in that same bed and for the first time since my dream I got clear. “Oh right,” I said to myself. “Eleven pages long. And make it easy.”

From that moment on, all was well. I was in the flow. I was breathing long, slow, and deep. I’m not going to say it was easy, because it wasn’t, but it did F…L…O…W, perhaps as if guided by the master himself.

So, listen. I don’t want to get all involved in writing this so-called sales letter either. I mean to say this is the first time in my career that I didn’t have a well-thought-out plan about how to market my work before I wrote it.

But I didn’t. And as I write this, I still don’t actually.

My idea was to stand on a street corner and just hand it out. It’s that important! But I’ve changed my mind. I want to offer it to you at a very fair and good price and use the revenue to fund further research.

That’s right! You read correctly. Every dollar that comes in from the profit of this booklet will go directly to more research on Alzheimer’s prevention, especially in women, because they’re at higher risk.

And believe me, it’s needed. The main reason is that even though big pharma drug studies have been a big flop, hundreds of millions of dollars are still being funneled into further phony research that has almost no chance of ever helping you or your family.

My little book can solve the Alzheimer’s Problem

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Why This Book Is Priceless

Now you’re probably saying, “Dr. Dharma, Let’s get to the point. What’s the cost?"

Actually in my view this book is priceless and I’ll tell you why.

The benefits are so wide and deep and far reaching that I can’t even begin to explain it. They are on so many levels: physical, mental, emotional, memory, and spiritual.

This booklet will absolutely change your life!

In fact, it’s worth its weight in gold. So if it weighs 2 ounces or so that’s about $2600. I know you’re thinking. ”That’s crazy.” No one would spend 2600 bucks on an 11-page booklet.

O.K., but what if the information in this booklet will save your memory, increase your life by 15 healthy years over the standard 85 at least, and give you the blessing of being effortlessly happy and connected to your spirit, too?

Totally in the flow.

What if this reading book can help you actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease and reverse memory loss?

What if you were deathly ill? Wouldn’t you spend whatever it took to get well?

What if you were worried about getting Alzheimer’s?

What? $1,000 A Page?

I once heard about a man who offered a 1 page book for $1000. Before you laugh, I want to tell you that they sold like hot cakes. Why? Because the info in this 1 pager could help the reader create millions of dollars.

I’m not asking you to spend $2,000. I’m not asking you to spend $1,000. I’m not even suggesting you spend $100, even though I truly believe that this little booklet is easily worth that or more.

No! Your investment in your brain and mind and health is a mere fraction of that.

While it’s true that this simple, yet powerful 12-minute meditation exercise I share with you has been proven in over 14 years of scientific research, I want to tell you that even I don’t really know the full depth of the long-term benefits of doing it.

But what I do know is that you will gain a tremendously deep sense of spiritual peace that is so needed during these intense, insane, angry and turbulent times.

“This powerful little book will help you live a longer and better life. I recommend it to my patients because I know it works.”

- Daniel Amen, M.D.

NY Times Best-Selling author, PBS Star, and founder of the Amen Clinics.

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Here are the proven benefits of what I share with you:



In only 11 pages, we’ll become one. And we are all connected. Boost your brain. Maximize your memory with How To Meditate.

- Martine Rothblatt, MBA, JD, PhD.

Founder of Sirius Satellite Radio and United Therapeutics Corp.

Now Check Out These Chapter Titles:

1. The Return of the Turtle: The key point in this chapter is that we have to slow down and put our health first. I’ll tell you how.

2. Awaken The Force Within: How to turn on and activate the power of your inner healing force.

3. The Supreme Status: Yes, you can prevent Alzheimer’s and you can touch your soul and grow your spirit.

4. Your Greatest Treasure: Do you know and understand what your greatest treasure is as a human being? I’ll reveal that here.

5. The Secrets of The Sages: Here I’ll disclose the most recent scientifically proven benefits of meditation and how it will prevent Alzheimer’s.

6. Divine Well Being: Do you know the long term benefits of meditation have to do with what I call Spiritual Fitness and how that effects your genes and DNA and inner peace? I’ll explain.

7. And In The End: It’s all about love.

And remember, it’s only eleven pages long.

And also remember this: In this manual I will absolutely reveal exactly how to perform this simple technique to save your memory.

This manual is genius. Kirtan Kriya is one of the most important technologies given to us from an ancient science for everyone today. Kirtan Kriya can work for all. This is the meditation that can heal the world. Thank you, Dr. Dharma.

- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Famed yoga teacher and founder of Golden Bridge Yoga Center.

To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in Only 12 Minutes a Day

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100% of the profit from the sale of the Booklet go to further the research of The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF).

The ARPF is the world’s leader in The 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention® with a super specialty in meditation and memory.

I urge you to check out my new 11 page booklet. Discover how you will totally heal, transform, and change your life.

You’ll discover a part of you that perhaps you don’t know that well, your spirit.

More Praise For How To Meditate

“I loved this manual. Kirtan Kriya is a very powerful meditation and a tool for life that is very easy to learn. I have long been impressed with how far ahead Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa’s discoveries and methods are. He is well in front of traditional Western medical research and conventional wisdom. This guide is beautifully written and will be indispensable to anyone wanting to learn this amazing, transformative meditation.”

- Matt Tyrnauer, Movie Producer and Director of Valentino

Dear Dr. Dharma,
What a wonderful publication! "The Art and Science of Kirtan Kriya How to Meditate" is really wonderful. I read a little of it this week in between clients, but took it to the airport with me to finish reading it. It is clear, informative, helpful and user friendly for the general public. Well done

- Dr. Sat-Kaur Khalsa, PhD

Prevent Alzheimer’s in only 12 minutes a day. It’s awesome!!

Dr. Dharma
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

P.S. Our latest research is on the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease in women. This is groundbreakingly crucial because women make up 66% of all cases and women are at greater risk for Alzheimer’s than breast cancer: 1/6 compared to 1/11. Act now and save your memory and support this research on preventing Alzheimer’s in women.

P.P.S. For a limited time only, when you order your How To Meditate Booklet you will also be given the opportunity to claim the recently created accompanying memory saving CD of KK in a money saving combo. It is a wonderful experience when you sing along with the lovely voice guiding you through the meditation CD.

I urge you to Claim Your Booklet and CD Today!! It’s safe, affordable, fast and effective. Go Here Now for this special-price Bundle.

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