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Green Drink

Get rid of brain toxins and maximize your memory function now

  • Improve regularity
  • Increase mental sharpness
  • Improve and balance blood sugar levels
  • Increase energy and diminish fatigue
  • An alkaline pH so you can keep yourself disease free
  • Dramatically improve digestion with less bloating and gas






Product Information

Light Up Your Brain and Detoxify Your Body

My delicious, high-energy, life-giving, organic Green Drink with Advanced Berry Blend contains very powerful anti-oxidants that have free-radical scavenging effects for optimal brain, immune, and overall terrific health.

Want to start each day with new found get up and go? Want to feel great all day long? How about a new sleeker you on a pure anti-aging, longevity path? You'll boost your metabolism and drop those unwanted pounds and bloat with the Green Drink.

Get rid of brain toxins and maximize your memory function now.

"I love the Green Drink. And the addition of the Advanced Berry Blend makes it better. It even tastes a little like chocolate."
~ Linda L, 49, Hotel Business. Toronto, Canada

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