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You’re Only As Young As ???

We flew from Stockholm to London yesterday afternoon. That was Sunday. Today is Monday afternoon in the U.K. I’m now on a 747 heading back to Phoenix and from there down to Tucson.

It’s a very long flight. Over 10 hours. So this edition of The Healing Minute is coming to you after lunch at 37,000 feet.

According to what was discussed by leading professors at the conference, there are actually at least 7 answers to the above question: You’re only as young as you’re “fill in the blank.”

What do you think? Seriously, play along with me and think for a moment.

The place to start? How about here?

You’re only as young as you’re telomeres are long.

Recall that your telomeres are the little snippets of incredibly powerful and critically important pieces of DNA at the end of your chromosome. That’s really getting down there where you live or die or enjoy great health and wellness or not.

There is a very intimate relationship between the way you live your life and the actions you take or don’t take and the length of your telomeres. And visa, versa. The length of your telomeres determines how healthy you are and how long you live.

Like any relationship, it’s reciprocal: A do unto others kind of deal.

You take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

When you don’t take care of them by following poor health habits you develop inflammation and free radical damage and mitochondrial weakness and accelerated aging.

And, if on the other hand, you develop an illness, or a toxic environment is created in your healing system, regardless of the cause, then your telomeres will shorten in response to that insult.

One thing should immediately jump out at you: your telomeres are a mirror of your being and a living reflection of who you are on the deepest level. Secondly, I hope you realize that the state- of- the affairs of your telomeres are really quite adaptable. You can change them.

What is the number one telomere shortener?

That’s very easy to answer. It’s stress.

Why? The stress you are subjected to creates a chemical response in your body that has a direct effect on your telomeres.

Beyond that, these chemicals and other deleterious insults to which you’re subjected be it environmental toxins or whatever cause a second type of stress known as oxidative stress, which happens on the deepest cellular level all the way inside your all-important mitochondria, the energy and metabolism part of your cell. That’s one reason why accelerated aging is manifested as obesity and fatigue and wrinkles and so on down the line.

When your telomeres become short and your mitochondria are damaged as one professor shared, your body is depleted of Vit C and Vit E and other vitamins as well.

That’s why a high potency multiple like my Gold Caps are so beneficial: they replenish those vitamins as well as supply many other important nutrients to your cells that keep your telomeres humming on all cylinders.

Don’t forget the B’s in the Gold Caps also play a very important role in keeping your nervous system sharp. And the minerals do, too.

So first and foremost make you’re taking the full dose of Gold Caps every day.

Just like your house needs a strong foundation, the Gold Caps help you build a powerful platform for great health and long life.

Best of Blessings,

Dr. Dharma

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

P.S. Based on this new information I’m advising everyone to take 6 Gold Caps a day for a full complement of C, E as well as A and B’s. And remember you save when you order them on the frequency discount we call continuity.


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