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As you know, I had a very long flight and intense and incredibly interesting week in Stockholm, especially regarding the conference.

I recall that the first speaker, Nobel prize winning laureate Professor Blackburn, put us on a rocket ship into hyper-space with her lecture and the pace of the other meeting's talks didn't slow down until the conference ended on Fri afternoon.

Beyond that, I was asked to give a talk at the world famous Karolinska Institute to people interested in yoga and meditation and health in the Alfred Nobel building.

That was a real thrill. We have pictures from the whole week that we'll be posting on the web site soon. Additionally, I had 2 meetings with my foundation's research collaborators so it was a packed week.

As I look back I'm impressed with the sustained high level of mental energy I was able to maintain. Plus I could tell my recall of the important information that was imparted at the conference was really well-implanted in my memory. Moreover, I've been asked to give a presentation this week end here in Tucson to a group of high level yoga teachers receiving advanced certification where I'll be sharing all this new information.

All this to say that I couldn't have done it with out the able assistance and aid of my all time favorite The Brain Tabs.

I know that it's the perfect combination of the 3 ingredients: The PS, The Ginkgo and The Omega 3 fat, DHA.

This combination gives you so much mental energy it's just wonderful. It's great because it's stimulating without being a stimulant. No coffee jitters or anything like that.

You get a nice clear mental function along with a heightened level of the ability to create new short-term memories and cement them in so they last.

Then you are able to recall them later at will.

The PS rejuvenates your brain by at least 12 years. The ginkgo stimulates your brain chemicals and enhances it's blood flow. Finally, the DHA omega 3 fat insulates the brain cells and lengthens your telomeres.

If you want to have a terrific young acting brain, mind, and memory then make sure you're taking at least 4 Brain Tabs each and very day.

They will give you the brain longevity effect you've always craved.

Best of Blessings,

Dr. Dharma

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

P.S. Dr. Dharma, I'm an executive in the car industry and as you know until very recently business has been tough. I want you to know that your Brain Tabs have helped me keep afloat during this tough time of my life. I'm very happy about the high levels of mental energy I've had from the Brain Tabs." Larry W, Age 52 Detroit, Mi

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