by Dr. Dharma

Resiliency in Aging

This edition is about the great new battery recharge often called resiliency by doctors.

The reasons I’m interested in this topic are multiple.

For one thing, I was recently discussing one of my research projects with a professor at UCLA and she shared one of her interesting scientific papers with me about this critically important topic.

Why is it so important? Because as you age, the “Stress of Life,” mounts up. Each time you suffer a set back or are exposed to a situation that has you feeling that you’re perhaps over whelmed or during times of great effort, under usual circumstances, you don’t ever return to normal or how you previously felt.

That ages you too fast if you don’t do something about it.

Another reason that this topic is so important to me is that I recently saw a middle-aged patient who lost her resiliency and, she was suffering because of it. She ran 2 business in a large metropolitan area but lives in the suburbs, which means she has to commute at least 1 ½ hrs each way.

Additionally, it was unclear if her marriage of over 25 years was going to survive.

There were business problems and children challenges and so on. Need I say more?

She was faltering at every turn; feeling tired all the time and looking fatigued as well with baggy eyes and dark circles and skin that had lost it’s color and looked grey.

She asked me which supplement I would recommend for her.

I told her I wanted to prescribe a remarkable new science-based supplement of mine.

Good health and the ability to “bounce back from stress,” I explained, begin at the cellular level, and your body gets the energy it needs to live, breathe, and thrive from microscopic "batteries" called mitochondria, located within your cells.

I mentioned these energy power plants before but to review, after age 25, these powerhouses begin to lose efficiency. That means the cells throughout your body - in your skin, heart and even your brain - don't operate as productively as they once did.

One renowned biochemist who is an authority on aging and recipient of 12 prestigious science awards, including the U.S. National Medal of Science has researched the best way to rejuvenate your mitochondria.

His efforts have led to the development of my brand new Super Rejuvenation Caps, an outstanding combination of Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) and Coenzyme Q 10, all highly effective anti-aging nutrients.

These compounds work synergistically to restore mitochondrial integrity and increase metabolic efficiency at the cellular level. Taken regularly, just these nutrients help support healthy aging by increasing the vitality of mitochondria, thus improving and maintaining cellular health.

But beyond that, I’ve also maximally upgraded this original formula by adding the research proven dose of Resveratrol that activates your longevity genes. This means that in addition to rejuvenating your mitochondria, which restores your energy to youthful levels; you also improve your DNA and lengthen your telomeres.

As I’m sure you know by now, lengthening your telomeres extends your healthy productive years and lengthens your life.

Some doctors believe you will never be able to reverse the aging process.

I don’t agree.

Indeed, research offers compelling evidence that the compounds in my Super Longevity Caps will help promote health deep in our cells, and healthy cells may be the key to a whole range of benefits from a better brain to better looking skin, less disease and a longer life.

I urge you to make the Super Longevity Caps part of your daily healthy lifestyle routine.

Best of Blessings,

Dr. Dharma

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

P.S. Yes, my patient began taking the Super Rejuvenation Caps and regained her bounce in no time at all.

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