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by Dr. Dharma

Big Tragedy Strikes

Today I was working when I read an article about a new supplement.

Being naturally inquisitive and always on the lookout for advances in products to serve you I called up the person in charge.

He wasn't familiar with my work but when I mentioned Alzheimer's prevention and so on he shared a very sad story.

I listened to him as he told me the story of his mother-in-law, Marie.

When Marie was in her 40's she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was treated correctly and thought to be "a cure."

Soon after that however, she started showing signs of memory issues.

She progressed fast from mild cognitive impairment to full blown Alzheimer's and passed away at the young age of 53.

You may recall that I've been writing about the fact that people are developing Alzheimer's at younger and younger ages.

Some, as this unfortunate woman, in their 40's.

Was the fact that she had breast cancer possibly related? I can't say for sure although many times a very serious stressful life even such as having breast cancer and the therapy involved may precipitate the development of Alzheimer's.

I've seen it before and it's well known that stress can kill brain cells and cause memory loss. Research totally backs that up.

I let the man talk and unburden himself.

Most strikingly, he was very worried about his wife because he knew that it is possible that his mother-in-law passed a genetic picture to his wife and perhaps his children.

Beyond genes, family history in and of itself increases risk by 7X.

I then explained that genes are not the only risk factor.

He asked what could be done for prevention and I told him about diet, supplements, physical and mental exercise and of course meditation.

I then advised him to order my Memory Magnet Project featuring the book Dead Brain Cells Don't Lie as well as a number of F*R*E*E gifts to help you have a younger and better brain.

Dead Brain Cells Don’t Lie is packed with incredibly practical and easily understood information that you can use right away.

It is must for anyone interested in defending themselves against age-related loss of memory.

I also told him this investment in him and his wife's memory was now at a very surprising discounted price.

Everyone should seek out all the life changing information in this book.

Beyond the book, I also advised him to order the Memory Loss Support Kit right away. It provides the best foundation of memory loss prevention and reversal supplements in the world.

I sincerely hope you're paying attention to the Healing Minutes I've been writing the past week or so.

This early development of memory loss and Alzheimer's disease is very serious problem.

Start now! Prevention is the best cure.

Best of Blessings,

Dr. Dharma

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.