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The Pain Cure

The Proven Medical Program that Helps End Your Chronic Pain

The Pain Cure

Normal Price: $39.95
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"The Pain Cure is about more than controlling pain. It is about replacing pain with a healing lifestyle."
- Richard Weiner, Ph.D., Executive Director, The American Academy of Pain Management


Available only at DrDharma.com, The Pain Cure is almost out of print. Get your copy today before it sells out and no more prints are available.

For decades doctors considered chronic pain almost untreatable. If you are one of the millions of individuals who suffer from persistent pain so severe that sometimes you feel that you have lost control of your life, now you can finally do something about it.

In The Pain Cure, Dr. Dharma presents the first comprehensive program for relieving chronic pain. Based on innovative and proven therapies from sources ancient and modern, East and West, The Pain Cure will introduce you to the single greatest force against the ravages of chronic pain - the inner healing power of your own body, mind and spirit.

In an approach that brilliantly unites therapies from both conventional and alternatives medicines, The Pain Cure reveals a four-level strategy of treatment that has already worked for thousands of patients, now pain free and happy.

As with his first work, Brain Longevity , The Pain Cure is both a comprehensive blueprint for personal power over a chronic disease and an imperative for the universe of physicians, loved ones, caregivers and friends who live with and administer to these traumatized individuals.

Benefits derived from The Pain Cure Program Features of the Program

  • Reduces need for surgery
  • The spiritual control of pain
  • Meditations to trascend pain
  • Eliminates reliance on drugs
  • Restores strength and stamina
  • Acupressure points to reduce pain
  • Strengthens the spirit to trascend pain
  • Homeopathy and herbs to reduce pain
  • Foods that reduce pain and inflammation
  • Clears depression that accompanies pain
  • Proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to overcome pain 
  • Ends chronic pain, including back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migranes, cancer pain, and PMS. 

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