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Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.


Brain Caps


Is Your Brain Starving? Increase Attention, Concentration, and Focus

    • More blood flow to your brain
    • More mental energy and focus
    • Able to retain more information
    • Less stress affecting your brain
    • Greater recall of names, numbers, and faces

    The ingredients in Brain Caps support your short term memory and focus without a prescription.

    Supplement Facts

    Memory Caps


    Are your memories fading? Avoid irreversible memory damage before it's too late.

      • More blood flow to your brain
      • Support Your memory function
      • Make your brain younger
      • Increase mental energy
      • Improve the levels of important memory chemicals in your brain, such as Acetylcholine.

      Get rid of brain toxins and maximize your memory function now.

      Supplement Facts

      Super Rejuvenation Caps


      Turn Back the Clock and Become Younger Each and Every Day

        • Reduces aches and pains
        • Turns on your longevity genes
        • Supports blood sugar regulation
        • Increases your strength and energy
        • Protects your heart from cholesterol damage

        Rejuvenate and regain youthful energy levels, vitality and enthusiasm!

        Supplement Facts

        Gold Caps


        The Best Vitamin Money Can Buy. Look & Feel Fantastic in Less Than 1 Minute a Day

          • Build a strong immune system
          • Block the effects of stress and poor diet
          • Support healthy bone and joint function
          • Be beautiful, have glowing skin, stop wrinkles, and enjoy healthy-looking lustrous hair
          • Protect against tight muscles and feel so relaxed you’ll think you’re a kid again

          “In less than 1 minute, you will become mentally sharper and feel great– inside and out.

          Supplement Facts

          Inner Healing Caps


          Fight Inflammation from within

          • Reverse the signs of skin aging
          • Strengthen your bones
          • Help soothe inflammation
          • Improve lung function
          • Increase brain health and more!

          The Cutting Edge Formulation That Gets The Job Done

          Supplement Facts

          Green Drink


          Get rid of brain toxins and maximize your memory function now

          • Improve regularity
          • Increase mental sharpness
          • Improve and balance blood sugar levels
          • Increase energy and diminish fatigue
          • An alkaline pH so you can keep yourself disease free
          • Dramatically improve digestion with less bloating and gas

          Supplement Facts

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