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Immune Power Caps

Immune Power Caps: Help Prevent Covid-19 and Colds!  

I have been on a mission since right before the turn of the 21st Century to create and give to our Dr Dharma Doers and friends the absolute best, anti-aging, brain longevity supplements.

And you know me, right? I’m constantly reading and studying the literature, especially in my role of Prevention Editor of The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

But since the pandemic and my concern about our slagging immunity, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time and study to the idea of creating the best Immune Power Caps in the world.

Because Covid-19 is a severe life-threatening pandemic, you need The Immune Power Caps now.

We’re all concerned about the Covid- 19- Pandemic.

We’re not sure when it will really end.

We are all still navigating this New Normal, especially if you are concerned about keeping your health - as you should.

And whether you have received the vaccine or not, we are seeing that you're still at risk to contract Covid-19.

And then there are still colds, allergies, and so on. 

 Supplement Facts

I’ve been learning from the AMA and reputable physicians and professors. We still believe that you can bring your immune system into perfect strength and balance, which will help protect you from these viruses. Of course, you should still take great care and act safely.

My Immune Power Caps have the most effective ingredients at the most economical price.

The goal of this supplement is to stop all kinds of viruses from attacking you. I wanted it to have powerful anti-oxidant properties that could protect you from other viruses and bacteria as well.

This product is exactly right for the times and yet is also way ahead of the curve as well.

You won’t find another like it!

I could tell you a lot more about the science of it but, really, the situation is quite simple. As I shared above, there is still Covid-19 to contend with, as well as other respiratory threats to your wellbeing. 

But beyond that, according to serious medical experts, we may be in for other new viruses to emerge.

We all must be prepared so now, ladies and gentlemen, here are our


 The Ingredients of Our Immune Power Caps are so much better than most other products!

  1. Vitamin C: 1,000 mg for immune support and anti-oxidant activity.
  2. Rose Hips Powder: 250 mg, the perfect complement to Vitamin C and with immune stimulating power of its own.
  3. Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU. Vitamin D is critically important for the optimal health of your immune system.
  4. Zinc Gluconate: 15 mg. This is the only product of its kind to contain Zinc, which I discovered is also very important for optimal immunity.
  5. Elderberry Flavonoids 5 % Extract: 50 mg. All natural anti- viral and anti-oxidant properties. Without it, you don’t have a strong immune product and with it you have the perfect synergistic ingredients, which our Immune Power Caps absolutely have.
  6. Echinacea Purpurea Root Powder: 50 mg.

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