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Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

What you need the most: 

The Brain-Immune Boost Combo

Immune Power Caps + Brain Caps

One-month supply: a $87.90 value for only $74.95   a $12.95 discount!

Three-month supply: a $263.70 value for only $189.95   a whopping $73.75 discount!

What a great idea! We’re combining 2 best sellers into one beautiful money-saving special. With Covid rates still spreading throughout the world in spite of vaccines being rolled out, it’s clear we all have to do something to continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Yes, we must do everything possible to enhance our brain, mind and immunity. The main reason? The brain/mind and immune system are intimately connected.

In medicine, it’s called psychoneuroimmunology and it’s a recognized science.

You strengthen your brain and you balance your immunity.

The Brain Immune Boost Combo contains the Immune Power Caps and the incredible Brain Caps.

Since the pandemic began, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time and study to creating the best Immune Power Caps in the world.

And that’s what I’ve done.  The goal of this supplement is to stop all kinds of viruses from attacking you. I want it to have powerful anti-oxidant properties that could protect you from other viruses and bacteria as well.

It’s now become a huge best seller.

Brain-Immune Boost Combo

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Take a look at this scientifically-proven, synergistic combination of natural ingredients:

Immune Power Caps

Supplement Facts


  1. Vitamin C: 1,000 mg for immune support and anti-oxidant activity.
  2. Rose Hips Powder: 250 mg, the perfect complement to Vitamin C and with immune stimulating power of its own.
  3. Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU. Vitamin D is critically important for the optimal health of your immune system.
  4. Zinc Gluconate: 15 mg. This is the only product of its kind to contain Zinc, which I discovered is also very important for optimal immunity.
  5. Elderberry Flavonoids 5 % Extract: 50 mg. All natural anti- viral and anti-oxidant properties. Without it, you don’t have a strong immune product and with it you have the perfect synergistic ingredients, which our Immune Power Caps absolutely have.
  6. Echinacea Purpurea Root Powder: 50 mg. An immune system mega booster.

This formula is the strongest, scientifically-proven, anti-viral combination of ingredients, which you can’t find at these strong doses anywhere, because no one else has a product with this overall force.



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The all-time best-selling Brain Caps

Supplement Facts

I know you’ll agree that this is and has been an incredibly stressful time in our life. As a result, our nerves may be in a jangled mess.

This stress has wrecked havoc on our nervous system and brain function.

Our brain is depleted of nutrients.

What we all need right now is a supplement to totally maximize our brain power and increase our drive, endurance, attention, concentration, and focus. If you exercise, you can also use an all- natural nutrient combination that will give you an energy boost to work out and be strong.


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Here’s What The Brain Caps Do: 

  • Increase blood flow to your brain
  • Add more mental energy and focus
  • Retain more information
  • Reduce stress affecting your brain
  • Improve recall of names, numbers, and faces

The ingredients in Brain Caps support your short- term memory and focus without a prescription.

Why the Brain Caps Work

The Brain Caps contain three critically important natural nutrients:

  1. Phosphatidyl-Serine (PS): A vital lipid/natural good fat that makes up your brain cell membrane. With age and stress, this membrane naturally becomes thinner, and that's when your attention falters. Replace the PS found in the brain cell membrane with the perfect dose contained in the Brain Caps and your brain becomes scientifically proven 12 years younger.
  2. DHA: DHA is another of the good fats that your brain absolutely needs. When you don't get enough, your brain starves to death. Recent research reveals that people with the highest levels of DHA in their brain have the best functioning mind and memory. That's why I included it in the Brain Caps. We use only DHA from algae to keep this product vegetarian.
  3. Ginkgo: I have extensive clinical experience with Ginkgo, having studied it, used it myself, and prescribed it for thousands of patients for close to 20 years. I know it works and works well. The secret is to take the right dose. But I've taken the guess work out for you and made it easy by including the perfect dose of Ginkgo in the Brain Caps.

The combination of The Brain Caps and Immune Power Caps will give you tremendous mental and emotional support with improved immune function.

It’s the best combo to improve brain and immune function.

The 1-2 combo for maximizing mental and physical health to optimize immunity.

 Brain-Immune Boost Combo

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You absolutely need this combo now! 

Currently, we have a limited supply available, because of its popularity so I urge you to grab this special while you can. 


Experience Brain Power

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