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Golden Rose - healing skincare cream


To reduce skin inflammation, this is the best cream. 

The Rose Cream is an artisan, hand-made blend of hard to find and expensive ingredients.

Now here are the amazingly fine ingredients of the Rose Cream:

  • Rosehip oil has a rich Vitamin C content, it's protective for your skin.
  • Carrot Seed oil for its Vitamin A content, which nourishes your skin.
  • Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce IV damage
  • Grapeseed oil perfect for mature or damaged skin, dilated pores, and blemishes
  • Apricot kernel oil for its moisturizing and regenerating toning and softening effect.
  • Olive oil maximizes anti- aging effects and relief from sun damage.
  • Avocado oil rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E as well as amino acids for skin re-youthing especially beneficial for dry, chapped, irritated or mature facial skin
  • Almond oil is a very versatile skin conditioner.
  • Lanolin is highly moisturizing.
  • Glycerin is also highly moisturizing.
  • Aloe Vera firms and tones the skin and reduces inflammation.
  • Shea Butter has wonderful skin-softening properties.
  • Beeswax is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and helps soften the skin as well.
  • Cocoa Butter has soothing conditioning properties and is excellent for dry, mature skin.
  • Hamamelis Water has light astringent and firming properties and helps calm the skin.
  • But the key, secret ingredients are the rose water and rose oil: a luxurious deep moisturizing blend of rose water and rose Kazaniak Damacena Bulgaria oil. They balance inflammation and the PH of the skin, help protect the skin from cell damage, fight dryness, refine skin texture, and have powerful antiseptic properties.

Who can use this cream? The answer is: anyone!
Whether it's for your face, your lips, other problem areas like your elbows or sunspots, or for gents, even rub a little bit on your beard.. this is truly for everyone!

"Dear Dr. Dharma, I was hesitant in ordering this cream because it looked like it was going to be too rich for my skin. However, I know you only carry very high quality products so I gave it a try. I mean, if this is so good you can eat it, I know it's not going to hurt my skin. I'm very happy with it and use it lightly on various spots for calming and restoring skin balance now that it's so hot and dry. Thank you! -Anne L."

Please note:  Please be sure to read all cream ingredients before purchasing. Because this is a special, handmade production, this cream is non-refundable. This is a rich cream to moisturize deeply. For best results, keep refrigerated.  

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